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Joseph Ozment
Originally from Tennessee, Joseph Ozment is a writer and musician whose relationship with travel was shaped by growing up between the Southern U.S., Wales, and Hong Kong. So far, he's written for a newspaper in Russia, released a handful of home recordings, and started a novel (with plans for more, someday). When he's not busy running country roads or cheering on Liverpool FC, he's most likely making the next cup of coffee, or plans for the next trip.

72 Hours in the Past

I stopped to get gas just past Jackson, like I had many times before, in a place called Parker’s Crossroads. It’s a famous Civil War battleground, which I will always remember because a gentleman...
River through green hills in the UK's Peak District

How to Experience the U.K. on a Budget

A couple hundred years ago, the sun never set on Great Britain. It’s safe to say that the United Kingdom is a more insular place these days, but that has had no effect on...
Desert rocks underneath a blue sky

How Climate Change is Affecting the World’s Indigenous Peoples

The world is in the midst of a climate change crisis. This summer, temperatures all over the Earth have shattered heat records in places that typically boast moderate climates, and the hottest places on...

Casting a Light: The Importance of Lighthouses in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s strategic location in the Caribbean has shaped the island’s rich history and left its landscape dotted with vestiges of past commerce and conflict. These include 16 impressive lighthouses, which are scattered across...
Man drinking tea in a stall on wheels

Capturing 48 hours in Jaipur, India from a Taxi

Maria Sahai is a professional photographer who specializes in sharing the stories of far-away places with “like-minded adventures,” both through her images and her work organizing photography tours. Born in the Russian Far East,...

A Guide to Nightlife in Amman

With its rich history and repertoire of cafés usually taking the limelight, Amman might not immediately strike travelers as a top destination for nightlife. However, since the turn of the century, the local culture...

How Best to Experience Jordan’s Coffee Culture

Café culture is huge across the Middle East and North Africa, and Jordan is no exception. Friends, students, hipsters, travelers, and musicians gather in these establishments to socialize and pass the time. Though the...

A Guide to Fine and Contemporary Art in Jordan

In recent years, Jordan has become a Middle Eastern haven for art by promoting the work of Arab artists. In turn, this has attracted the attention of the international art community, and today Amman’s...
People waiting at a metro station

How Greener Travel is Cheaper Travel

While Passion Passport seeks to bridge communities and expand experience through travel, we’re aware that adventuring to far-off places can leave quite the carbon footprint. Our Sustainable Travel Series celebrates eco-travelers, low-impact ways of...


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