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Joseph Ozment
Originally from Tennessee, Joseph Ozment is a writer and musician whose relationship with travel was shaped by growing up between the Southern U.S., Wales, and Hong Kong. So far, he's written for a newspaper in Russia, released a handful of home recordings, and started a novel (with plans for more, someday). When he's not busy running country roads or cheering on Liverpool FC, he's most likely making the next cup of coffee, or plans for the next trip.
tourists gather on dam square in Amsterdam

Why You Should Still Be a Tourist

There’s no disputing that “tourist” is a dirty word these days. In fact, it seems that the connotation of the term has never been more negative. Travel sites (including Passion Passport) encourage readers to...
a british village house covered in foliage

An Instagrammer’s Guide to British Villages

From quirky cosmopolitan scenes to dramatic, brooding landscapes, the United Kingdom can be a photographer’s paradise — when the weather permits, that is.  But between the extremes of these two subjects exists an entire...
Nomadic horsemen in Central Asia pose in front of livestock and mountains.

Central Asia: “Stans,” Silk Roads, & Soviet Ghosts

Central Asia used to be the center of the world. The Silk Road — arguably the most important trade route in history — ran through the region and set the stage for the Islamic...
a road and mountains in snowdonia

6 Alternative Summer Destinations That Beat the Beach

Everyone travels in the summertime; when winter’s chill is a distant memory and some spring saving has the finances back in order, it seems so natural to hit the road and head straight...
a fountain in kudowa zdroj, a polish health resort

Polish Health & Wellness

I think I’m in good company when I say that my health and wellness often take a backseat in my typical Western life: I’m too busy to go to the gym and it’s too...
people at work in a stained glass workshop in poland

A Creative’s Guide to Poland

If you arrive in Poland via a flight to the capital city of Warsaw, take note of the airport’s name: Frederic Chopin International. Although it is normal for a country’s major airport to be...
malbork castle in poland

Polish Palaces off the Beaten Path

All over Poland, there are incredible examples of just about any architectural style one can imagine from the past millennium. In the country’s vast collection of castles and palaces, history and aesthetics combine in...
A graffiti mural of cartoon characters below the word 'Toronto' in different colors.

Unusual Things To Do In Toronto

We’ve already covered that there’s a Toronto for every traveler, but what is it about Toronto that really makes it stand out from other Canadian and North American cities? Like other cities we’ve come...

An Instagrammer’s Guide to Toronto

Full of funky neighborhoods, beloved public spaces, architectural oddities and more, Toronto is a visual playground whose scenes would make great additions to anyone’s feed. The city’s unique layout will help you frame its...


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