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Jason Corroto

Jason Corroto is a professional photographer based out of Sydney, Australia. He focuses on documenting special moments in life in a way that tells a story and makes those special occasions last forever. To see more of Jason's work, check out his website (www.jasoncorrotophoto.com) and blog (www.jasoncorrotophoto.tumblr.com). Follow him on Instagram @jasoncorrotophoto and on Twitter @liquid_visions.

Solo Wanderings in Chile

Last month, I spent 3 weeks in Chile. It was non-stop action: buses, flights, treks, mountains, beaches, desert. I decided to visit the South American country while I was en route to Brazil for...

An Unlikely World Cup

Jason Corroto and Kim Oxenham were two of the thousands of soccer fans lucky enough to secure tickets to this year's World Cup. Although their home team of Australia qualified for the tournament, they decided...

Australia’s Blue Mountains National Park

The Blue Mountains National Park is located in New South Wales, Australia, just a two hour drive from the city of Sydney. (Zoom out 6 times on Google Maps and you’ll see that the city...


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