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Jackie Cohen
Jackie Cohen is a budget travel extraordinaire, having backpacked her way across five continents. In constant search of local beer, cuisine, and adventure, Jackie is a firm believer of travel and cultural exchange as a powerful peace-builder between people and places. She's originally from Massachusetts.
A hand holding an antique photograph of the Eiffel Tower in front of the Eiffel Tower, showing prevalence of pictures in heavily-photographed places

Expecting the Unexpected

There are no guarantees in travel. No matter how many hours you spend scheduling your trip, perfecting your itinerary, and solidifying your plans, something will always go awry. Just when you think things are...
Two backpacking women rest in Salerno.

A Guide to Backpacker-Friendly Urban Centers around the World

Quite literally one of the most inexpensive forms of travel, urban backpacking offers vagabond adventurers challenges and opportunities they wouldn’t find on a more traditional journey. It involves meticulous planning, extended budget travel, and...
A white bowl of quinoa and other vegan ingredients.

6 Destinations for Plant-Based Travelers

Central to any cultural exchange is experiencing your host country’s cuisine. But with the rise of plant-based diets, some travelers may be apprehensive about exploring new places, unsure if their diet will be able...

How To Travel Waste-Free

Happy Earth Week, Passion Passport community! In honor of Earth Day 2019, we're bringing you new sustainable travel content every day this week, with each story aiming to celebrate eco-travelers, low-impact ways of living,...


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