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Griselda Duch
Griselda Duch is a photographer a Spanish photographer. She studied Travel & Tourism at the University of Barcelona, where her interest in travel and photography was sparked. Travel is a constant source of inspiration in Griselda’s life and plays a key role in her photography, acting as a personal diary. To her, photography is where time and place connect into fragments of memory. Capturing everyday situations, she also photographs landscapes, concept-based projects addressing aesthetic, still life, and architectural. She’s currently living and working in Barcelona on personal and commissioned projects.

Costa Brava: Beneath the Coast

To put it simply, Costa Brava could be considered my second home. I can never seem to define the many feelings, emotions, and dreams that this region stirs in me. Its beaches, coves, landscapes, and...

Balearica: A Photo Homage to a Journey Around Menorca

My relationship with Balearica began in the summer of 2017, while I was browsing in my local bookstore. Through the course of wandering through the shelves, I eventually stumbled across a travel guide about...


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