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Emily Dieckman is a writer living in Tucson, Arizona. Besides traveling and talking to new people, she enjoys reading, running, cooking and making cups of tea which she promptly forgets about and must later reheat. Her podcast, Love in the Time of Everyone, explores the way relationships have changed over the past few generations, and is available on iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher.
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Runaway Train: When Everything Went Wrong in Amsterdam

It was the middle of the night and our train finally arrived in Amsterdam after about 18 hours of traveling and layover-ing from when we’d left Arizona the night before. And, ah! There was...

COVID & Wildfires Couldn’t Stop Life Atop AZ’s Mount Lemmon

The drive up Mount Lemmon from Tucson, Arizona only takes about an hour, but within that hour, you might as well be traveling between different planets. You move north from the dusty city to...


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