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Daniel James Clarke

Daniel James is a full time traveller with a passion for photography, getting lost, and trying to see as many different sides of a culture and nation as possible. Always keen to question the common tourist expectation of a destination you can follow his journey at danflyingsolo.com or on Instagram @danflyingsolo.
Woman stands overlooking tea crops and a lake

Beyond the Beach: Mauritius’ Mix of Adventure and Relaxation

The Sega dance is the musical expression of the Mauritian way of life — of joy and liveliness — and, as I tipped back another rum, the Creole words floated over me, lost in...

Dates, Desert, and Doorways: Discovering the Hospitality of Oman

The heat was the first thing that hit me. The smiles came second. My taxi driver handed me a sweet coffee before guiding me to the car. It burned my tongue, the flavor mixing...

Photo Essay: Two Lenses on Burma Part I

Recently named by Travel+Leisure as a destination of the year, Burma is a country that is quickly gaining popularity on the Southeast Asia traveler trail. But what's it really like to venture there? Is...


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