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Chandra Isenberg
Chandra Isenberg is a fine art family, wedding, and travel photographer, passionate about capturing storytelling images. She has degrees in education, history, and archaeology and a deep love for travel and all things outdoorsy. She is an avid Instagrammer, so much so that her husband refers to her phone as her “Instagram Machine.” Though she is based in Edinburgh, Scotland with her merry men, Chandra has perpetually itchy feet and wants to see the whole, wide world with her camera in hand.

Three Scottish Micro-Adventures Every Expat Should Have

There is something in Scotland for everyone. This country has ancient history and archaeology, incredible museums, the Loch Ness Monster, fantastic live music, whiskey, men in kilts, and the potential for countless rugged outdoor...

Searching for Magic in Venice, Italy

Magic. That’s what I always find myself searching for in life, and it’s everywhere. I read quite a few blogs before we left for Venice, and found that many travelers claimed the city was either...


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