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Bridgette Bartlett

Bridgette Bartlett
Bridgette Bartlett has been passionately working with henna since 2011. She has been an avid photographer since childhood, and is endlessly refining her unique eye for placement and composition. Bridgette was born and raised in rural Vermont, and has spent extensive time traveling all over India studying yoga, photographing and doing henna for people she meets along the way. In 2015 Bridgette seasonally relocated to Martha's Vineyard where she offers her henna services island wide and collaborates with other local creatives. Her love of travel, culture, food and nature keep her constantly curious to explore new places around the world and you will always find a henna cone in her suitcase.

From Mysore to Martha’s Vineyard with Bridgette Bartlett

Bridgette Bartlett is a traveler, accomplished henna artist, and yogi. She has been travelling to India on and off for the past five years. She spoke to us about the value of slow travel,...


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