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Brent Foster

As a young teen, Brent Foster saw a documentary style photo on the front page of the small weekly newspaper in his hometown. The image was elegantly simple yet profound — just small town folk going about their daily business — and it inspired in Brent a desire to capture compelling untold stories through a lens. As most kids in small towns do, Brent ran away, in his case to explore the world, and didn’t look back. His work has led him to more than 30 countries where he’s had the chance to eat crazy food like sheep brains, be tattooed by monks, but most importantly, has had the chance to tell incredibly powerful stories ranging from conflict in the Gaza Strip to doctors fighting for access to pain relief for the chronically ill in India for clients such as, The New York Times, and Human Rights Watch. You can see more of his work on his website or Instagram. Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Site: