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Anna Andersen
Anna Andersen is the alumni of Macalester College where she majored in Media and Cultural Studies and International Studies. During her final years at Macalester she jumped into the film and photo world of Minneapolis by working on "Transagenda;" creating promotional videos for Mizna, the Arab Arts organization based in the Twin Cities; and collaborating on "Lifestyle Deathmatch" as part of the Fringe Festival. In 2015, Anna moved to Vigo, Spain to teach English and pursue her dream of travel photography and video. In Spain, Anna found herself rejuvenated and inspired by the beauty around her. Anna currently lives in New York City doing freelance video and photo work.

Beautiful and Free: Vigo, Spain

When I graduated college in May of 2015, it was the culmination of any and all plans I had made for myself. After graduation, what was supposed to come next? I had never planned...


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