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Amanda Lundberg
Amanda Lundberg is an American living abroad who travels frequently. In her free time, Amanda likes design, taking photos, and editing videos (which is basically her job, making it rather convenient). She's a passionate user of the Oxford comma, a coffee addict, and a self-proclaimed expert dog petter. Follow her and leave snarky comments on her Instagram @afishcalledmanda or Twitter @lundberger.

The Forgotten Giants

When my plane touched down in Copenhagen, I immediately made a beeline for Nyhavn to see the iconic, colorful buildings and the boats floating beside them. Each building boasted fantastic restaurants and beverages, and...

Standing on the Edge of the World: Iguaçu Falls

In the 90s, the infamous singing group TLC warned us not to go chasing waterfalls -- they said they’d prefer if we’d just stick to the rivers and the lakes that we’re used to....

Journey to Colombia

Every year, I seem to crave a travel adventure or two, and recently, my wanderlust took me to Colombia. I didn’t know much about the country before I left (only that it's infamous for...


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