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Allie Vandersanden
Allie Vandersanden is a freelance writer and editor from Ontario, Canada, currently living in Florence and teaching ESL. Allie completed her undergraduate degree in English literature, and pursued her post-graduate studies in creative book publishing. Her interests include travel, blogging, seeking sunny spots to lounge in, and curling up with a good book and a cup of tea.

11 Ways to Explore Toronto Without Breaking the Bank

Toronto is a notoriously expensive metropolis. While there’s a lot to see and do, most of it unfortunately comes with a large price tag. That said, its steeper offerings shouldn’t deter you from visiting...

The Art of Going Home

Imagine stepping into your house, but all of the furniture has shifted ever so slightly to the left. Everything looks the same, but somehow your ability to navigate fluidly and naturally through your space...

A Village on Fire

I placed my bare feet onto the cool tiles next to the sofa-bed, then pulled back the curtains and let the sunlight spill in. Opening the door to the little terrace, the salty air...


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