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Alicia Erickson
Raised as a third-culture kid in the Pacific Northwest, Japan, and Europe, Alicia’s roots have been global for as long as she can remember. Her nomadic life continues to be driven by her fascination for the natural world and curiosity of off-the-beaten-path locales. From wildlife conservation in the African bush to hiking through remote Himalayan mountain villages, from food and wine culture to meditation and yogic traditions, Alicia’s curiosity brings her to places far and wide. These days, she works as a freelance policy analyst, writer, and social entrepreneur and primarily splits her time between Seattle, East and Southern Africa, and India.
women in ethiopian food market

Mindful Wandering, Part II: Ethiopian Food for Thought

Mariam has already set to work making fresh bread. She pours batter onto a large, round stone pan over the fire and places a cone shaped lid on top. No need for an oven....
orange-robed worshipper amongst others in white robes

Mindful Wandering, Part I: The Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

The sun scorches my shoulders as I sit perched atop a cliff, overlooking the rocky layers of earth below. At such great heights, there is no amount of sunscreen that can protect my freckled...
A foggy view of Lake Mutanda, Uganda

From Rwanda to Uganda: Exploring East Africa’s Natural Offerings

I’ve had a love affair with the African continent for as long as I can remember, and I will forever be mesmerized by its wild and expansive landscapes. Much of the continent’s beauty is...


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