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Alicia Erickson

Alicia Erickson
Alicia grew up as a third-culture kid, a lifestyle that she has since transformed into being a (nearly) full-time digital nomad. She has called Rwanda home the past year, where she seeks to build opportunities for artists in vulnerable communities. In addition to social entrepreneurship, she plays the roles of political analyst, yoga teacher, and writer. Her insatiable thirst for travel deepens by the day, as she seeks out off-the-beaten-path destinations in search of mountains, food culture, wildlife, indigenous art, and stories of places that have yet to be told.
A foggy view of Lake Mutanda, Uganda

From Rwanda to Uganda: Exploring East Africa’s Natural Offerings

I’ve had a love affair with the African continent for as long as I can remember, and I will forever be mesmerized by its wild and expansive landscapes. Much of the continent’s beauty is...


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