traditional indian boat crossing lake

Awakening in Lake Pichola, Udaipur

The taxi from Maharana Pratap Airport took us to the edge of Lake Pichola, where complete silence greeted us after the colorful and chaotic streets of Udaipur. I felt compelled to be at peace...
scooters on a mountain road

From Hostel-Hopping to Camping in a Thai National Park

If you had told me I would spend my time in Thailand lying under the stars inside a Thai national park, I would have laughed. I imagined a routine full of bustling city life,...
whale tail breaching water

5 Best Whale Watching Destinations Around the World

As a full-time traveler, I’ve been fortunate enough to plan many of my adventures around the migration patterns of some of my favorite creatures—including whales! Over the last few years, I’ve spotted these gentle...
a boy running down a rural road

Tajikistan: Where Strangers are Family — Part II, the Search for Happiness

The incredible hospitality I had just experienced in the Pamir mountains of Tajikistan also ties into the curious mentality of the people here, who are very knowledgeable about other cultures. It is in Pamiri...
snow capped mountain peaks

Tajikistan: Where Strangers are Family – Part I

During these uncertain times we find ourselves in today there seems to be a lot of room for reflecting about how we have been living our lives. Have we been too rushed, neglecting what...
a child's hand spins a buddhist prayer wheel

All-Girl Trekking in Nepal With My Two Daughters

We just started our 7-day trek of Poon Hill and I’m struggling. Before the trip I worried about my two girls trekking like this, but I should have been worrying about myself.  The walk starts...
creative man walks under torii gates

The Creative Power of Travel: A Trip to Japan and Interview with Michael George

Michael George is a freelance photographer, writer, and self-avowed people person based in Brooklyn, New York. Through travels that have taken him all over the world both for a personal love of understanding our...
lgbtq guide to hong kong

A LGBTQ Guide to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a complicated city by nature, with a twisting and turning history that is still unfolding before the eyes of the world today. But make no mistake, it is also one of...
lgbtq life in south korea

LGBTQ Life in South Korea: A Surprisingly Vibrant Community

I packed up my things and moved to Seoul, South Korea as a recent grad. One of my concerns before moving to Seoul was the lack of information I could find on the Internet...


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