Sharon Radisch has arrived in Hong Kong! Her dream trip is just getting underway! Read her first short blog post below and check out two stunning images from her DSLR camera. Check this trip page often for regular updates on her trip! 


The word on the street is that it’s been raining for days here in Hong Kong. Today was no exception. However, I didn’t let the incessant torrential downpour (frequently blowing diagonally in violent gusts of winds) stop me from walking around Central and Aberdeen Harbor.

I did have to seek refuge in several public bathrooms to dry off under a hand dryer and had to tie a plastic bag around my camera to protect it while I shot; however, I managed to sneak in a few photos and a long walk. I dedicated today to getting a feel for the city and to mostly observing (due to fear of pulling out my camera/plastic bag contraption in the aforementioned downpour).

Upon first glance, I find Hong Kong quite fascinating. I immediately fell in love with the many colors and textures of the city. If I had to describe Hong Kong so far, I’d say that it is colorful, lush, tropical, urban, textured, vertical, mountainous, foggy, modern, ancient, sleek, and moves to a calming rhythm akin to a heartbeat. Visual dichotomies and juxtapositions are everywhere, making this city even more fascinating and leaving me eager to get out and shoot more.

Until then, please excuse me while I go to blow-dry my socks and shoes!