The world is changing; it sounds generic, but it’s true. Not just because borders have been drawn and redrawn over the past decade, but because of the pandemic. Whether scientists saw it coming or not, it’s safe to say it has ravaged on longer than anyone could’ve anticipated. This, of course, cracked the egg of remote working wide open over a hot skillet. And while many digital nomads, myself included, have had remote work simmering on the back burner for a while, I still want to welcome the newbies. Which is why I put together this list of apps that go beyond the obvious Google Translate and XE Currency Exchange and make diving into a digital nomad lifestyle much easier. 


Becoming a Nomad: My Story

Let’s chat about what makes me qualified to speak on any of this. I became nomadic by circumstance more than four years back after completing my service in the US Peace Corps. I had zero desire to rush back to the 9-5 existence that I’d previously been so deeply conditioned to strive for. So, I set out on a path toward remote work instead, and made having control of my life and living with less a top priority. 

Thus, I began writing about my journey and building my freelancing business rooted in content creation. This is where my thirst for useful applications to balance my business while traveling began. How did I learn about these apps? A little bit of my own trial and error, and a little bit of word-of-mouth. Let’s dive in. 

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1. Solis WiFi

From the creators of Sky Roam, Solis WiFi allows for access to wifi anywhere you are with a personalized hotspot and power bank. It’s available in over 130 countries, functions on a pay as needed basis, and provides up to 16 hours of wifi. Armed and ready for that layover in the middle of nowhere!

This app is free and ranked 3.5 on Google Play and 4.7 on Apple.

image: Christian Wiediger

2. World Time Buddy

A visual World clock, time converter, and scheduler. This helpful app allows you to convert time across time zones with just one glance. 

This app is free and ranked 4.4 on Google Play and 4l7 on Apple.

3. Traveling Mailbox

View your post from anywhere in the world. Having a uniquely assigned postal address as a digital business owner living a nomadic existence, this app is aces. Mail is received then the outside of the mail is scanned and digitally sent to you in an image. Then you decide if the contents of the mail should be sent, shared, shredded, returned, or held with the touch of a button. 

This app is free and ranked 3.4 on Google Play and 3.2 on Apple. 

4. Trip Whistle 

With more than 70 different emergency numbers around the globe, who the heck can keep track of them all? Trip Whistle can! Correctly dial for emergency services: police, fire, ambulance, etc. in 24 common languages. 

This app is free, currently ranked 4.4, and available on Apple. 

5. Krisp

Mute out all background noise with Krisp’s AI noise-canceling technology. A lifesaver for digital nomads living hostel life or trapped in a loud environment when sending/receiving client calls.

This app is free and available for Windows and Mac desktops. Not available on mobiles.

image: David Svihovec

6. Google Fi

A mobile phone plan with google technology. Manage your Google Fi account that includes unlimited calls, texts, and international data (for a low monthly fee) while on the go.

This app is free and ranked 4.0 on Google Play and 4.6 on Apple.

7. Backblaze

A lesser-known option for a file backup tool. We’ve all experienced the panic of thinking you’ve lost an important document or file. With Backblaze, you can store important documents and files from multiple devices, even when they are switched off. 

This app is free and ranked 2.0 on Google Play and on 3.0 Apple. 

8. Freelance Logger

Turn your mobile phone into a time tracker for freelance projects. Plugin the cost per hour and allow the tracker to tally up what to charge clients.  

The initial download of this application is free and only available on Apple. 

9. Express VPN

Access blocked websites while overseas by scrambling your VPN. Useful when visiting countries with strict censorship laws preventing access to social media outlets such as FB, IG, or TikTok.

This app is free, but with a 7-day trial only, and is ranked 4.3 on Google Play and 4.6 on Apple. 

backblaze app in mac desktop

10. Doc Hub

The perfect tool for multi-user managing businesses on the go. Gain access to stored intranet file server volumes to present and use server documents on or offline. The built-in file synchronization ensures that server files are automatically updated on your mobile device.

This app is free and ranked 4.2 on Google Play and 4.0 on Apple. 


Now you can ride out the learning curve with any or all of these apps to ease into a digital nomad lifestyle. Trial and error your way to nomadness and let life be your compass. It feels easier already, doesn’t it?