After a difficult application review process, we’re thrilled to announce the inaugural winners of The Passport Project: Matthew Greene and Mohammed Ndiaye!

Matthew nominated his foster-son for a trip to Senegal to explore Mohammed’s Senegalese heritage in Dakar, St. Louis, and Ziguinchor.

“Almost immediately after I became Mohammed’s foster dad, he started talking about travel. He asked about getting a passport, told me the places he wanted to visit, and detailed creative projects to share the diversity of the human experience with others. This is a young man who wants desperately to contribute to the world, who yearns to become acquainted with the ‘other,’ and who hungers for the varied experiences that will help him know himself and the world around him.”

Join us in following Matthew and Mohammed on their upcoming, non-traditional father-son journey to Senegal and stay tuned for updates and stories from their trip!