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street busy with children playing

Inspirational Travel vs. Sustainable Travel

From The Expediency of Culture by George Yúdice: “Alongside technological innovation there has mushroomed an extraordinary urban activity… fortifying the social fabric of bars, restaurants, chance encounters on the streets, etc. that give life...
black photographer looking at streetcar

Black Photographers & Influencers to Follow Right Now

Are you a Black photographer who is available for hire? Sign up to the #HireBlackPhotographers database from @diversifyphoto. A small realization in the past few weeks led me to ask myself something: why do I...
a lone tree in the savannah at dusk

Decolonizing Travel: Going Ethically to Under-Resourced Countries

Traveling is more at our reach than ever, and while we can all agree on the positive aspects of that, it also makes it necessary to place real thought onto our privileges and duties...
man strolling past flower shop

Black-Owned Businesses to Support Right Now

Across the country (and the world), people have gathered in recent weeks to express frustration about the inequity and injustice that Black people have faced for far too long. The reach and extent of...
outside of qasr al watan in abu dhabi

A First Timer’s Abu Dhabi Travel Guide

While Dubai often gets a lot of buzz for its continuous growth, Abu Dhabi, its fellow member of the United Arab Emirates, stands tall in its own right. If you're thinking about a one-of-a-kind...