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columns reading inspirational quote from books, freedom in latin

Ex Libris, Libertas: How Books & Travel Are Similarly Inspirational

Roughly translated, this phrase means “From Books, Freedom.” In our house, this is a mantra. My husband tells all the significant young people in his life to get a library card. His constant refrain...
blue beam of light in utah night sky

Landscape and Astrophotography in Five Utah National Parks

Growing up surrounded by the crystal-clear waters and tropical forests of Puerto Rico, Jesse Echevarria fell in love with the brilliance of the night sky, eventually developing a knack for astrophotography and landscape photography....
A white bowl of quinoa and other vegan ingredients.

6 Destinations for the Plant-Based Traveler

Central to any cultural exchange is experiencing your host country’s cuisine. But with the rise of plant-based diets, some travelers may be apprehensive about exploring new places, unsure if their diet will be able...
architecture in ahmedabad elke frotscher

An Instagrammer’s Guide to Architecture in Ahmedabad

The majestic walled city of Ahmedabad was founded over 600 years ago by Sultan Ahmad Shah. Throughout the centuries, various groups have ruled the land which has resulted in a melange of phenomenal architecture...

A Guide to Istanbul’s Museums

Deemed the European Union’s Capital of Culture in 2010, Istanbul is marked by religious, historical, and economic importance and intrigue at every turn. The Turkish metropolis — one of the few transcontinental cities in...