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Researchers Have Figured Out How to Turn Plastic Waste Into Fuel… and Other Good...

Rather than waiting till the end of the year to highlight positive news stories like we’ve done in the past, we thought we'd celebrate the good stuff more often. And this time, we decided...
An open notebook featuring a hand-drawn map

How Spaces Become Places: My Personal Journey with Cartography

As history has shown, maps have rarely ― if ever ― been truly objective. Medieval maps, for example, placed Jerusalem at the center of the world; its position highlighted the city’s importance as the...

I Was Here: Untold Stories from Iran

When Assad Dadan told people he was going to Iran, one of the most common responses he received was to “stay safe.” Fueled by media narratives that paint the nation in broad, violent brushstrokes,...
A field of wildflowers during Golden Hour

Taking Climate Action vs. Feeling Climate Anxiety

There’s no way around it: learning about climate change is draining. It’s frustrating. And it’s frightening. I’ve thought a lot about it lately, and it’s been eye-opening, but it hasn’t exactly benefitted my mental health....

Home for the Holidays: Deliberations in Burlington, Vermont

When the snow falls in Burlington, it does so silently. I’m walking up Church Street, the city’s main drag — a pedestrian-only, red-brick thoroughfare that’s currently pedestrian-free. It’s only 11:30 at night, but this...