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Top Bucket List Destinations for Americans

It’s safe to say that most people these days have some sort of bucket list. And according to a recent survey, Americans are motivated to create these lists based on a variety of factors,...
A LARQ self-clean water bottle rests on a rock with a flatiron building and cityscape in the background.

How to Create a Cleaner World: Care About Your Water

At Passion Passport, we believe in the power of travel as an exploration of the self, insofar that there are as many different and wonderful ways to roam this earth as there are kinds...
A hand holding an antique photograph of the Eiffel Tower in front of the Eiffel Tower, showing prevalence of pictures in heavily-photographed places

Expecting the Unexpected

There are no guarantees in travel. No matter how many hours you spend scheduling your trip, perfecting your itinerary, and solidifying your plans, something will always go awry. Just when you think things are...
people at work in a stained glass workshop in poland

A Creative’s Guide to Poland

If you arrive in Poland via a flight to the capital city of Warsaw, take note of the airport’s name: Frederic Chopin International. Although it is normal for a country’s major airport to be...
Blur of a metro train as it whizzes by the platform

Poland from a Passenger Car: The Country by Train

Attention all avid city-hoppers and enthusiastic trainspotters! If you’re itching for an authentic experience that encompasses all of Poland, look no further; the click-clack of Polish train tracks are calling your name. As one of...