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Grassy plains lead up to a sandy beach

A Journey to the Isle of Vlieland

In the Netherlands, we celebrate not just one day of Christmas, but two. This year, on the second day, I traveled to the isle of Vlieland, one of five beautiful islands in the north....
A boy peeks over a metal fence

The Difference Between “Expat” and “Immigrant”

Names build worlds. They are vessels of reputation, a means of categorization, and a code of identification. Nomenclature serves a system — in scientific, public, and political discourse by which we distinguish difference, signpost...

The Colors of Climate Change: A Q&A with Zaria Forman

While Passion Passport seeks to bridge communities and expand experience through travel, we’re aware that adventuring to far-off places can leave quite the carbon footprint. Our Sustainable Travel Series celebrates eco-travelers, low-impact ways of...

12 of Instagram’s Best Aerial Photographers

The bird’s-eye views that drones allow us are enthralling to behold. And as the devices themselves become more accessible, more of us are taking to the skies to capture the world from up high....

A Village on Fire

I placed my bare feet onto the cool tiles next to the sofa-bed, then pulled back the curtains and let the sunlight spill in. Opening the door to the little terrace, the salty air...