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What to Know Before Going Into the Wilderness Alone

A trip into the wilderness is always a good idea. To prepare, you’ve done your research and loaded your car with necessities. You’re finally ready to set off for some much deserved R&R. But, as...

Three Days in Paradise: Freeport and Beyond

They say that the water in the Bahamas is so clear and bright that astronauts can see it from space. I wasn’t sure if I believed that until I arrived at my accommodation —...

Famous Travel Expeditions: Reinhold Messner’s Oxygen-less Ascent of Everest

Reinhold Messner’s adventure resumé reads like the world’s loftiest bucket list. He was the first mountaineer to ascend all 14 peaks above 8,000 meters (26,247 feet), and he summited each without using supplementary oxygen....

Coast to Coast with a U-Haul in Tow

Moving across the country is  difficult enough. What makes it even harder is having to drag the weight of your entire life behind you. That’s what it felt like, at least, as I loaded up...

A Layover with Dennis Stever

Traveling immerses us in the world, but sometimes in the less eventful moments in between destinations, we just need to escape. “The Layover” is a weekly roundup of books, music, podcasts, and other forms...