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Plane dashboard

In the Cockpit with Iceland’s Volcano Pilot

The first time I visited Iceland was in the spring of 2016. Like many who have been there, I was completely blown away by its wild beauty. I was certain that I would return...

How I Learned to Embrace My Expectations While Traveling

When I was little, I wanted to be Samantha Brown. You know her — the blonde-bobbed, spunky Travel Channel host who visited places around the world and showed them to viewers at home in their...

5 Ways You Can Protect the Ocean While Traveling

Whether you’re more enamored with the rocky coast of Maine or the crystalline waters of Sri Lanka, we can all agree that the ocean is a magnificent and mysterious place — one that should...

4 Worldwide Efforts to Save Our Oceans

The world’s oceans are a source of food, income, and inspiration for billions of people — they’re also, of course, home to an untold number of marine animals. Although several major problems currently threaten...
View down a Monti street

A Guide to Monti, Rome’s Little-Known Bohemian Village

Tucked between the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and the Piazza Venezia, Rome’s urban village of Monti flies under the radar. What was once a cesspit of prostitution and crime is now home to bookstores...