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visiting israel

A Deal with the Devil Is Better than No Deal at All: A Jewish...

As I went down in the river to pray/Studying about that good old way/And who shall wear the robe and crown/Good Lord, show me the way The last time I was at a church service,...
missing argentina

Crying for Argentina: Why I Will Always Miss It

While I write these words, I am drinking a nice cup of coffee (macchiato, of course), facing the ocean and watching a bunch of surfers having fun in the waves. Even though it is...
traveling with aphantasia

Traveling with Aphantasia: An Invisible Disability

I can vividly recall the Eureka moment that I had when I found out I had Aphantasia-–the moment I could finally put a label on this thing that I’d always known I had but...
instagram guide to marrakech

An Instagrammer’s Guide to Marrakech

Let’s face it, while we often go on holiday for the sun, sea and sights, we as travelers can also base our choice of destination on how Instagrammable it is. No trip would be...
capilla del monte

Capilla del Monte: Home of the Aliens

Surrounded by mountains in the heart of Argentina, the “home of the aliens,” or Capilla del Monte offers a unique experience to those in search of paranormal phenomena and UFO sightings. Though no extraterrestrial...