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A desert tree shot

Exploring the Otherworldly Side of Botswana

Ask anyone who knows me and you’ll immediately be convinced of my fixation on exploring the whole of Africa — taking pictures along the way led me to Botswana. Each country has its own story...

Patmos, Greece: Land of Pilgrimage & Pastry

Patmos is an island of Greece found in the Aegean Sea and belonging to the Dodecanese group, off the coast of Anatolia in Turkey. Patmos holds special meaning for Christians from Greece and beyond....

Hero Syndrome in the Travel Community: The Other Epidemic

Although travel is formative, and although it has the potential to lift individuals, families, and communities, it’s also a luxury that not all can afford. It’s a foray into a world where billions are...

How to Survive on a Tiny Budget in a Tiny Van

This week Passion Passport is featuring the on-going journey of the traveling duo known as Hair Ventures. In part one, Meg introduced the inspiration behind her move from Ohio to China. She then took...

The Healing Power of Nature: Anne McIsaac’s Arizona Road Trip

Anne McIsaac is a photo artist and art director from Montreal, who claimed the Instagram handle @yellowillow back in 2015 as a tribute to the joy and curiosity of life that she associates with...