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a british village house covered in foliage

An Instagrammer’s Guide to British Villages

From quirky cosmopolitan scenes to dramatic, brooding landscapes, the United Kingdom can be a photographer’s paradise — when the weather permits, that is. But between the extremes of these two subjects exists an entire...
instagram guide to athens

An Instagrammer’s Guide to Athens

If you’re planning a trip to Greece, you might also be imagining how your Instagram posts will look: whitewashed buildings and technicolor sunsets. Let’s be real, you won’t find this in the country’s capital...
instagram guide to marrakech

An Instagrammer’s Guide to Marrakech

Let’s face it, while we often go on holiday for the sun, sea and sights, we as travelers can also base our choice of destination on how Instagrammable it is. No trip would be...
instagram guide to argentina

An Instagrammer’s Guide to Argentina

Argentina is full of extremes, from cactus-spotted deserts to immense glaciers, providing the perfect opportunity for photographers. After you have finished taking snapshots of nature, you’ll find that even the country’s capital, Buenos Aires,...
architecture in ahmedabad elke frotscher

An Instagrammer’s Guide to Architecture in Ahmedabad

This post has been made possible by a partnership with Kamalan. The majestic walled city of Ahmedabad was founded over 600 years ago by Sultan Ahmad Shah. Throughout the centuries, various groups have ruled the land...
south india daniel volland

An Instagrammer’s Guide to South India

This post has been made possible by a partnership with Kamalan. The tropical regions of South India beckon to travelers with the natural beauty of lush mountains, dense forests, and sweeping sandy shores. All along the...
instagram guide to egypt

An Instagrammer’s Guide to Egypt

If you’re planning a trip to Egypt, chances are you’ve been inspired and enticed by photographs of its ancient sites, pristine beaches, and delicious local cuisine. No matter why you’re visiting , it’s hard...
Museum Island on our Instagram guide to Berlin

Instagrammer’s Guide to Berlin

With an abundance of monuments, museums, and murals, Berlin is a haven for photographers with an urban aesthetic. If this sounds like you, then you might want to add Germany’s capital to your bucket...
View of valleys from Coronet Peak, Queenstown, NZ

An Instagrammer’s Guide to Queenstown

Queenstown is one of New Zealand’s most iconic destinations and is a vibrant city that epitomizes the country’s magnificent natural beauty and thrilling adventure sports. When it comes to capturing beautiful photography, this slice...


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