Drone photography is completely unique, and we’re constantly marveling at the incredible perspectives and views that photographers around the world are able to find.

Hoping to gain new insight into drone photography, we caught up with nine photographers to chat about what sets these photos apart and why they love this kind of photography in particular.


“Drone photography provides a sense of adventure that other forms of photography don’t. You can explore the unknown, and see new perspectives that just weren’t possible otherwise. Before, there would be a famous spot to take pictures and everyone would take the same shots. Now, because of drones, there is no limit to the angles, height, and perspectives to discover.”

Austin Welch






“I really adore the birds eye view. When you see the world from up above, everything looks like a painting. The scale is so interesting to see. I can’t get enough; I can fly all day.”

Marina Vernicos








“With the completely different perspectives my drone provides, I’ve learned to really appreciate the destinations and landscapes that I visit. The world to me just simply becomes more stunning.”

James Knight





“What truly captivates me about drone photography is the ability to be creative from any angle in the air, providing a whole new perspective to a place or scene! As the drone pilot, I’ve learned to understand the scale of cities, the sheer magnitude and size of landmarks as compared to other buildings, and the design of urban planning. Out in the mountains, the drone helps to remind me that we are so small in comparison to nature. On a personal level, drone photography always reminds me to aim to see the bigger picture for every situation in my life.”

Chia Joel

“I love all types of photography. But the drone adds a lot to my travel photograph because I’m able to show the entirety of any particular landscape. It’s like a helicopter ride, but all you have to do is launch your drone and you’re good to go.”

Joshua Foo



“Aerial photography brought me a completely new perspective. It added possibilities for footage I just couldn’t achieve with a normal camera. I always feel blessed when I can explore new places, but being able to do so with my drone is even more exciting.”




“I love the ability to discover unique perspectives of places we thought had been photographed in every way possible. In so many ways, drone photography has helped photographers and filmmakers transmit how it really feels to be in a particular location. The fresh perspective lets audiences completely immerse in my photography and, in some cases, raise awareness of issues that can be better shown from the sky.”

Reinaldo Diaz

“I think having a drone gives you an edge compared to traditional photograph because you’re not limited to where you can physically put your camera. Drones are still relatively new, so not everything has been photographed from an aerial perspective. Watching the world from a bird’s eye is a unique perspective. It shows you so much more of a destination than you could find by just walking around. I only feel I know a place after I’ve seen it from the air.”

Jerome Courtial

“Drone photography is a lot like traditional, natural light photography in the sense that you always have to keep a close eye on the lighting, clouds, and other environmental conditions. When you’re in the right place at the right time, looking at the live feed on the drone controller can be exhilarating. When I review my photos after the fact, I’m often left with a better sense of scale of the place I just flew. People and cars and buildings look like tiny models in a miniature world. This aesthetic is a result of the intimate aerial perspectives that drones afford — views that were previously impossible to capture from larger, manned aircraft.”

Estlin Haiss

Header image by Rajveer Johale