Spring comes just once a year, and always makes a memorable impression. For photography, these fleeting months are filled with blooming landscape and unique, natural patterns. But with such a small window to capture some of the year’s most extraordinary photographs, you need to know where to go and when. Here’s a list that will help when planning your next spring shoot!

Photo by Zachary Samson

Olympic National Park, Washington

Mountains, rainforests, and glaciers help make this pristine national park located on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula a prime spot for spring photography enthusiasts. Sprawling towards the Pacific coastline, the park is home to multiple ecosystems that house a variety of wildlife that thrives off the lush land and long coastlines. With such an abundance of natural beauty, photography is made easy during springtime, when flowers are in bloom, rivers rush by, and waterfalls flow with majestic power.

Lisse, Netherlands

The town of Lisse is home to one of the world’s best known gardens, Keukenhof. Nearly seven million tulips comprise this flowery haven that bursts with color come springtime every year. Among the millions of tulips are roughly 800 different variations of the flower, which ensures a colorful photo-op that won’t ever be exactly the same. The garden is open from from March 22nd to May 13th this year, and tickets can be purchased for just 17 euro.

spring tulips blooming in netherlands
Photo by Robert Ford

Tofino, British Columbia

Squeezed between the rainforests of Vancouver Island and waves of the Pacific is Tofino — an outdoor photographer’s dream. Spring is a unique time in Tofino for many reasons: the long stretches of foggy shorelines are full of breaching gray, humpback, and orca whales, the looping hiking trails through old forests are green with new life, and the gorgeous sunsets rival those only seen at other west coast locations. The town itself, which is nestled in a cluster of misty inlets, is close to several provincial and national parks, meaning that picturesque photo-ops are a given, no matter the time of year.

spring sunset with cascading waves on a beach
Photo by Michael Matti
trail zig-zagging through a forest in spring
Photo by Michael Matti
Photo by Jakob Gjerluff

Twillingate, Newfoundland and Labrador

Floating among the scattered islands of northeastern Newfoundland is the small fishing community of Twillingate, which, come spring, carries the title “The Iceberg Capital of the World.” When winter thaws, the frigid Atlantic becomes littered with sharp icebergs, their shapes intricately sculpted by the powerful sea. Each year, photographers from around the world flock to the tiny town of just 2,000 residents to take in the annual phenomena, and enjoy the warm hospitality of Newfoundland while they’re at it.

icebergs floating in bay next to red boat
Photo by Julian Earle
Photo by George Turner
Photo by Sezgi Olgaç

Havana, Cuba

Havana’s vibrant culture and picturesque infrastructure dating back to the 16th century has been preserved into the modern day, much to the delight of photographers. Cuba’s capital is full of charming street corners, churches, squares, vintage cars, and colorful local personalities. For photographers, Old Havana should be high on your list, and the city’s subtleties of texture and lighting are sure to catch your attention no matter what season you visit. However, spring temperatures are mild and warm in this Caribbean paradise, ideal for breezy daytime strolls through the streets and for camping out with your camera and tripod for some nighttime photography sessions.

Photo by Hayley Vincent

Yuanyang Rice Terraces, China

The rice terraces of China’s southern Yuanyang province have caught the attention of photographers for some time now. Much of that attention can be attributed to the terrace’s vibrant colors and prime location in the Ailao Mountains, but the area also bursts with life every spring due to the seasonal flora, such as pear blossoms and rapeseed flowers. The county is roughly 186 miles (300 kilometers) from the city of Kunming, and companies such as China Highlights offer relaxed photography tours with plenty of room for flexibility.

Photo by Hans Guichardo

Washington, D.C.

Arguably the best place to view cherry blossoms outside of Japan, Washington, D.C. is a marvel of color come April. Each year, the city hosts a Cherry Blossom Festival, which offers a fresh outlook on the classic pink blooms. As the winter gloom disappears, the city’s picturesque memorials and monuments begin to glow in the light of the colorful flowers once again, making spring the perfect season to grab your camera and visit the U.S. capital!

wildflowers blooming on rail bridge in spring
Photo by Rowdy Winters Photography in Texas
cherry blossoms in spring across from jefferson memorial
Photo by Patrick Koetzle in Washington D.C.

Texas Hill Country, Texas

Blooming flowers have long been synonymous with thoughts of spring. It’s during these months — when temperatures rise and frost is no more — that a particular flower spreads across the Texas Hill Country. As a popular crossroads for travelers (western, southern, and central Texas all collide in this region along Edwards Plateau, the area boasts rolling fields that, during the spring season, are covered in bluebonnet — the official flower of Texas. The rolling pastures and meadows may not be as well-known in the photography world as other popular springtime destinations, but they won’t disappoint your creative eye!