Travel doesn’t have an age requirement. Those young and old are free to pack their bags, purchase their tickets, and dive head-first into the endless pools of history, culture, and adventure that await elsewhere. With this in mind, we’ve chosen to highlight seven young travelers around the world who are 20 or under.

To learn more about their outlooks, drive, and experiences exploring the globe, read on!

Réka Kaponay (@dreamtimetraveler)

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Age: 17

How long she’s been traveling: “I’ve been traveling with my family non-stop for over seven years now. Our journey started out in Australia when we packed up our car and set off on an extended tour of the country. When winter arrived, we re-packed our bags and went international. All in all, we’ve traveled to 44 countries on six continents.”

Who inspires her: “One of my biggest inspirations is my mentor and close friend Torre DeRoche. Not only do her travels force her to face her deepest fears, but she’s also an incredible writer and was instrumental along my journey to publishing my own book when I was 14. I’ve also realized along our travels how much courage it truly takes to lead this kind of lifestyle. To leave almost everything that is a certainty in your life behind and set out to explore the world is one thing, but to then keep that journey going is another. My parents did that, and they gave my brother and me the gift of travel. For that, and so much more, they will always be my inspiration.”

Favorite travel destination: “I have a passion for history, so I love traveling within the U.K., and particularly Scotland. The castles that stand guard at the helm of its cities and throughout the Highlands are some of the most majestic I’ve ever seen, and to this day the Isle of Skye is still the most hauntingly beautiful and awe-inspiring place I have ever been. That said, Hungary and Transylvania hold the stories and culture of my family, and I could probably explore Australia for years on end and still not see enough of it.”

Where she’s going next: “I’d love to explore New Zealand and Ireland next — they are both places I’ve been wanting to visit for quite some time. A road trip through the Nordic countries of Europe is something my family and I have been talking about for ages, as well, but our travel plans currently have us heading to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico, where we’ll be presenting both individually and together at the Family Adventure Summit before returning to Australia for the first time in three years for a three-month reunion with friends and family.”

Tips for younger travelers: “Be adventurous! There is so much out there to discover if only you have the courage to stray from the shore that is your comfort zone. That’s where your life truly begins: out on the wild waves where struggle is your companion and uncertainty your friend. And when you’re out there, be aware — aware of your surroundings, of your impact on our world, of the footprints and story threads you leave behind. You must remember that they remain even where you don’t.”

JR Alli (@jralli23)

Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Age: 20

How long he’s been traveling: “The travel bug bit me during my last year of high school, when I went to Mexico to help build a school. I haven’t stopped since.”

Who inspires him: My mom will always be my number-one source of inspiration. She raised me and my two older stepbrothers on her own and still managed to support all of my crazy dreams, ambitions, and hobbies as a kid — something that was so important to me finding the path I’m on now.”

Favorite destination: “Iceland. During my time there, my friends and I roughed it in a car (there were six of us in total) and camped out in winter. We had what was one of the craziest adventures I’ve ever experienced filled with so many ups and downs. To me, those are the trips that last the longest in your memory — they’re the ones that make you laugh, cry, and smile for years to come.”

Where he’s going next: I’d like to go to India. It seems like it’d be a raw, genuine experience, complete with a few struggles, risks, and random encounters. I think it’d be a wild adventure and a great opportunity to explore and learn more about the culture.”

Tips for younger travelers: Don’t buy those fresh new kicks that cost $500, or those new clothes just because of the logo. Learn the value of money, and save up for a trip. Travel is the most valuable thing you could ever invest int. Trust me — you will feel the return.”

Genevieve Whitford (@ontheroadtoadventure)

Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa

Age: 14

How long she’s been traveling: I am fortunate to have a family that has a passion for travel, so I’ve been traveling all my life! I’ve also had opportunities to travel and represent my school at international conferences, which have only fueled my personal passion for travel.”

Who inspires her: I am really inspired by Malala Yousafzai because of her work toward gender equality around the globe. I’ve read all of her books and watched all of her talks — she’s truly incredible and I admire her completely.”

Favorite travel destination: My favorite place is the Vernet Les Bains, a small, rural town in the Pyrenees mountain range in the south of France. It’s a historic village with a  fascinating past, and the surrounding area is filled with castles, forts, and other ancient towns. It’s also a great area for hiking, swimming, skiing, and eating locally grown produce.”

Where she’s going next: I would like to spend time in South America, as it is a continent I have not yet been to. More specifically, I’d love to explore Rio De Janeiro, as I’m intrigued by the towering statue of Christ the Redeemer and the beauty of the city itself. The wildness, scenic views, and buzz of South America simply appeal to me.”

Tips for younger travelers: “Take care of your skin, pack light, dress for comfort over style, bring a decent day pack, and make plenty of playlists.”

Cameron Davis (@cameron.travels)

Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Age: 13

How long he’s been traveling: “My whole life, and so far I’ve been to 45 countries. I actually skipped the second grade to travel around the world. In that year alone I visited a whopping 29 countries and six out of the seven continents.”

Who inspires him: “I’m inspired by people who do what they’re passionate about and spread joy and positivity to everyone around them. When I grow up, I would love to find a job that makes me happy while helping the world in some way, whether it’s writing, law, or videography.”

Favorite travel destination: “If I had to choose, it would probably be one of the countries I visited in Asia because the food was phenomenal. To this day, I still want to learn how to cook some of the foods I tried there: dumplings, phở, and butter chicken.”   

Where he’s going next: “Greece — I love Greek mythology and am excited to see the places I’ve read about with my own eyes.”

Tips for younger travelers: “Live in the moment! Try and explore as many places as you can before you start working full time. You’re a kid now, so take advantage when you’re parents offer to include you in their trips. Make plans together and try to meet new people from different countries and cultures!”

Jessica Schmidt (

Hometown: Vancouver Island, Canada

Age: 18

How long she’s been traveling: “My partner and I are currently road-tripping across Canada in our 2003 Saturn Vue. We left just over two months, and have another month or so to go. Prior to this, I’ve traveled with my parents, but nothing this long or involved — let alone on my own!”

Who inspires her: “My parents, for sure. They did a lot of traveling as young adults as well, and were super encouraging when I mentioned wanting to go off on my own adventure. My grandfather is also a huge inspiration to me, due to the immense amount he’s seen and done in his lifetime, from building boats and sailing around North America to managing VW dealerships all over the continent — he’s seen and done it all!”

Favorite travel destination: “So far, Banff National Park — it’s absolutely stunning. The trees, mountains, glaciers, and clear turquoise waters had an overwhelmingly calming, empowering effect on me. My other favorite place is New York City. I don’t even know where to begin describing the feeling that washed over me as I walked into Times Square for the first time. . . it’s just a city that makes you feel special, like you can do anything.”

Where she’s going next: “In terms of this road trip, our next destinations include Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Zion, Las Vegas, and most of California. I’d love to see Europe and Asia someday as well, but for now, I’m content with exploring what people from Europe and Asia come here to see! What’s wrong with exploring your own backyard first?”

Tips for younger travelers: “I think the most important thing I did prior to this trip was save. I saved as much money as I could. When my friends were out spending money at the mall, I was putting in another shift at work. That said, I’ve known for a long time that I wanted to travel, so even in middle school, when I didn’t have a job, I saved coins in a mason jar. But since then, I’ve realized that travel doesn’t have to be expensive — a little can go a long way, and there are a lot of things you can see and do for free in any location!”

Jannik Obenhoff (@jannickobenhoff)

Hometown: Munich, Germany

Age: 18

How long he’s been traveling:I‘ve been traveling for the last  five years.”

Who inspires him: “I really like Alex Strohl and Hannes Becker for their unique lifestyle and landscape photos — in fact, their adventures inspire a lot of my own.”

Favorite destination: “Iceland! The landscapes there are so diverse; they seem to change every five minutes as you move throughout the country.”

Where he’s going next: “I want to go to Newfoundland. I feel like it’s still a relatively ‘unpopular’ spot for Instagrammers and photographers, and I really enjoy exploring untouched places.”

Tips for younger travelers: “Start traveling around your hometown. You don‘t have to drive or fly for several hours to find new places. Sometimes it’s best to start by exploring the places closest to you before setting off on grand adventures.”

Niamh McCourt (@niamhabroad)

Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland

Age: 15

How long she’s been traveling: I first went abroad in 2003, so I wouldn’t have even been a year old yet. After that, I experienced my first long-haul flight when we went to America in 2005, when I was only two. I think that my parents took the view that having children shouldn’t stop you from traveling and that it only benefits your kids. I can’t argue or complain.”

Who inspires her: “My parents inspire me because of their positive attitudes, kindness, and hardworking nature. On Instagram, I like Aggie Lal (@travel_inhershoes) — she is such a lovely girl and, despite having over 800k followers, still takes the time to reply to people and engage with those who follow her. That’s something I admire.”

Favorite travel destination: “I love going to Northern Ireland because it feels like a second home to me. I also love visiting Spain — I’ve been to Barcelona a few times and Valencia, and I’m hoping to go to Madrid next year. Since I study Spanish at school and I enjoy learning about the language and  culture, I think it’s definitely somewhere I would consider living in the future.”

Where she’s going next: “I’m due to go to Brussels next month, which I’m really looking forward to. After that, I will probably be going to Northern Ireland to visit family. That said, I’d love to explore South America in the future, as well as all of the little islands in Greece.”

Tips for younger travelers: “Get involved in planning! The more you get involved, the more you get out of it. Your parents (or whoever you live with) don’t always know what teenagers and children like, so you have to tell them. If there’s a certain place you want to visit, let them know! The worst they can say is no.”

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