Brighton is a city that truly buzzes. By living in a place renowned for its quirkiness, Brightonians are fueled by a robust culture that’s proudly ruled by coffee. In fact, around every corner of the city, you’re bound to discover a host of establishments centered around the bean ranging from large chains to independent shows and cafés.

If you’re headed to southern England, here’s the run-down of some of this coastal haven’s best coffee spots.

Entrance to a coffee shopFlour Pot Bakery

A staple of the city’s coffee culture, Flour Pot Bakery has several locations scattered throughout both Brighton and neighboring Hove. Each shop is aesthetically cohesive, featuring pale tones, wood furnishings, brushed copper piping, and plenty of natural light. And, to top it off, each location offers a mouthwatering selection of breads, pastries, and sandwiches — all of which are freshly baked. With a dedicated and welcoming team and fantastic coffee (brewed from their in-house “Signature Blend”), Flour Pot is the perfect stop for a quick refuel, a catch-up over cappuccinos, or just an afternoon spent musing over passersby. Catering to veggies, vegans, meat-lovers, and those with a bit of a sweet tooth, this locale offers a wide variety of food and beverages that make it truly one of Brighton’s best coffee spots.


Tucked away in an unassuming corner of the Lanes, Marwood is not your typical coffee house. In fact, the café, which is one of the city’s most eclectic, was voted the “Most Brighton” venue two years running. The first thing you’ll notice when you walk in is that the walls are bursting with an assortment of novelty bric-a-brac, movie posters, old photos, and other vintage relics. Mismatched tableware and irregular furniture pile on the eccentric charm of the space. Not to mention, it serves the best coffee in the town. To put it simply, Marwood is a gem.

There, you can sit and enjoy a strong coffee or craft beer, discover new oddities everywhere you look (i.e. wooden hands for doorknobs, a life-sized plastic shark head leaping from the wall, art on every surface — there really is outlandishness at every turn). A café by day and bar by sunset, Marwood encapsulates all that is Brighton: weird and wonderful.

People on their laptops in a coffee shop


Nothing quite compares to coffee and cake. Well, actually, nothing can quite compare to coffee and cake at Pelicano. Situated in the heart of the North Lanes, this coffee house and roastery serves up the perfect brew. Taking up two floors of a rustic Brighton house, complete with a garden and a great team behind the counter, Pelicano leaves little to be desired. The locale has been honing its craft since 2014 and, as with many Brighton venues, opts for ethically sourced, single-origin coffee that is roasted in-house. Pelicano’s mission is to make bad coffee a thing of the past — and it’s safe to say that they’ve succeeded! As it’s one of the smaller but most popular coffee houses in Brighton, keep in mind that you’ll find it hard to locate a seat during busier times. That said, outside of the coffee rush hours, there should be plenty of nooks to cozy up and enjoy the buzz in.

A mural of a woman adorns a coffee shop's outside wallPresuming Eds

Further afield from the city’s centrally located venues, Presuming Eds is a hub of activity in the local coffee scene. Located in a grand building on London Road — which runs parallel to one of Brighton’s biggest parks, the Level — Presuming Eds has plenty of seating, a laptop area for coffee-loving busybodies, a children’s area, an old-vault-turned-cinema, quiet rooms, and a multi-level garden out back. Similar in eclectic aesthetic to Marwoods, it also boasts a massive library of old and vintage books that you’re free to peruse at your leisure. And, because it turns into a bar by night, you’ll be able to spend a full day drinking, eating, and relaxing in a fantastic atmosphere surrounded by happy people and weird art.

A mug and notebook on a table by an open windowTwin Pines

New to the Brighton coffee scene, Twin Pines is making waves with its specialty brews and distinctive aesthetic. Occupying a spot in the bustling Kemptown neighborhood, it caters to lovers of simple and specialty coffee. Black walls and warm, orange lighting combine to create a calm atmosphere. Upstairs, natural light floods in from large street-facing windows while downstairs looks more like a cozy vintage lounge with inviting armchairs and sofas sitting amid quirky graphic art. You’re in good hands here as the team at Twin Pines knows their coffee inside and out. If you’re looking to hide away from the bustle of the city and catch up with friends (or a good book), Twin Pines is a great place to do just that.

Bond Street Coffee

Nowhere in Brighton will you find a place that has fused the art and science of coffee-making better than Bond Street Coffee. Brought to you by Horsham Coffee Roasters, this venue is located on Bond Street (funnily enough), at the beginning of the North Lane neighborhood. The minds behind this quaint specialty coffee shop started their journey selling their wares out of a stall at the Horsham Food Market — but they’ve come a long way since then. Having established direct partnerships with their suppliers in Rwanda, Kenya, and Nicaragua, and being committed to transparency, Bond Street Coffee seeks to give its customers an ethical peace of mind. Stop by this beautifully designed, comfortably furnished space to enjoy rich specialty flavors and easy-going food before heading on for a day in one of the city’s most vibrant areas.

With an abundance of amazing establishments to explore, Brighton is sure to have whichever brew you’re after in just the right locale!