These cabins have been built with their surrounding environments in mind, blending into the forests and lake areas they inhabit with low-impact. Experience the freedom of the forest while staying at an one of these 5 Swedish eco-cabins destinations.

aerial view of cabin in woods

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01: Bergaliv

coffee setup by windowNorthernmost of the five cabins is Bergaliv, roughly translated to ”life on the mountain.” True to its name, this cabin on stilts is located on the hillside of a mountain in Åsaberget, Hälsingland.

Collect your key from the spa in the little village called Vallsta. From there, it’s a 1.5 hour hike up the mountain before reaching the cabin. Once you arrive, relax and enjoy the stillness — you’ve earned it. Work some, rest some. If you’d rather dodge the workout, driving is also an option.

It’s all about minimalism in this wooden loft house made of angles that optimize space and invite light. The crown jewel is a big window overlooking the valley and mountains around it. Consider it your viewing station for eagle, moose and even bear sightings! Binoculars are available in the cabin.

02: Urnatur

Urnatur is a Swedish treehouse hotel and eco-lodge located in the county of Östergötland next to Lake Vättern.

Without electricity or wifi, Urnatur helps you escape modern life and reconnect with nature. You’ll use lanterns and candles for light, make fires in the wood stove for warmth, and enjoy fresh produce next to the main house.

The founders and creators, Håkan and Ullrika, are a couple who have chosen to live off the land, prioritizing sustainability and preservation of Sweden’s biological diversity.

treehouse bridgeNo matter which of the six huts or four treehouses you end up in, Urnatur will offer you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Urnatur also offers workshops and lectures on sustainability and forest meditation.

03: Naturbyn

Naturbyn is a nature village tucked onto the shore of Lake Eldan in Värmland.

Thomas, the owner, started building the cabins over 20 years ago so his family could vacation closer to home. Little did he know, it would grow to be a popular eco-getaway for people from all around the world. Naturbyn has captured the essence of simplicity.

kayaker looking toward cabinfloating cabin aerial view

Here, you’ll embrace a slower pace. Under towering spruces and pines is a community kitchen area and open fire pit.

Naturbyn has two treehouses, several cabins, and a floating cabin which is the most popular choice. One can also enjoy a hot sauna after a refreshing swim in the lake.

04: Ramoa

Ever dreamed of having an island to yourself for a night? How about a floating cabin? Janne, the happy founder of Ramoa Adventure Village, can make your wildest dreams come true.
cabin by water

With its surrounding natural beauty, Ramoa offers a myriad of outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, canoeing, tandem biking, and wakeboarding. As night falls, retreat into one of Ramoa’s unique cabins, on water or on the shore.

05: Inforest

Down by Lake Vättern, a forest with one tiny house awaits. It is a classic tiny house on wheels, built with a smart and spacious interior design with a sleeping loft where you can soak in the forest view from the window.

Jesper and Petra’s philosophy is “just be.” For anyone who wants to get off the grid for a while — while retaining the comfort of electricity, a modern kitchen and a toilet — Inforest is for you!

aerial view inforest cabin