1. Have a great purpose or cause behind your trip.
Whether it’s something you want to accomplish or help others accomplish, traveling for more than the sights and sounds of a new place helps make the experience richer and ultimately more inspiring.

2. Make your answers personal.
When answering the questions for TBLI, provide us with strong examples that support your answers. For example:
“My dream trip is to travel to Portugal. My father is Portuguese and I have had a photo of the Lisbon skyline pinned above my bed since I was a little boy.”

3. Be specific.
Choose one or two Bucket List items and stick with them. Be as explicit as possible, ie:
“My dream is to travel to Marrakech in Morocco.”

4. Be clear on how you would like to document the trip.
Will you be writing poetry or shooting videos to document your adventure? Will you be posting a stunning photo from a DSLR each day of the trip? Let us know in your application.

5. Give the reader goosebumps.