What do you do if you have only 48 hours to tour one of Northeastern Ontario’s most charming towns? Follow this itinerary, of course!

Four hours north of Toronto lies the city of Sudbury. Located right in the heart of Northeastern Ontario, Sudbury is a beautiful spot to visit at any time of year. Whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter, this city has something for everyone, from magnificent walking trails to interesting museums, making it a true four season destination. 

Choose one activity or location per day from each of the categories below to create your ultimate Sudbury itinerary.

Get Your Caffeine Fix at a Coffee Shop in Sudbury

Any 48-hour whirlwind adventure needs to start with one thing: coffee! If you’re in the east of the city, Salute Coffee Company offers a quick breakfast and a good cup of coffee to start the day out right. If you’re feeling like a sweet treat with your coffee, head west to Beards Bakery for donuts, cupcakes, and other confections.

Now that you’ve got your coffee in hand, let’s get started.

Learn About Science and History

While you’re feeling fresh and your brain is ready to absorb interesting facts and stats about this Northeastern Ontario city, take the opportunity to hit Sudbury’s museums!

Dynamic Earth Science Museum

The Dynamic Earth Science Museum explores earth sciences and mining. It is a hands-on experience with a tour of a real-life mine. You’ll descend several storeys underground donning a hardhat to experience the conditions miners endure every day. Your guide will explain the geology of the area as well as how ore is extracted from the rocks and processed using modern computer technology. Remember to bring a jacket and wear a good pair of shoes, as it gets cold down there and the ground can be a little unsteady. 

At the museum you will learn about geology through first hand experiences! If you visit from May to September when the outdoor exhibits are open, you will even have the chance to replicate the movement of a seismic wave or slide down some molten lava.

Outside the museum, take a walk to the Big Nickel, a 30-foot (nine-meter) replica of a 1951 five-cent Canadian coin. Built in 1964, the giant coin was constructed to symbolize the contribution of wealth to the Canadian economy by Sudbury’s nickel mining industry.

Science North

Science North is Sudbury’s most popular attraction—and it’s easy to see why. If you’re interested in learning more about how our earth works or our place in the universe, it’s certainly worth a visit. Just be sure to set aside a full day for fun, because there’s plenty to do in this interactive museum.

Start your tour by learning about the foundation of Sudbury: rocks! Visit the Lapidary Lab to polish a mineral and better understand the unique morphology of this geologically rich area. Then head down the hall to get your hands on some exotic invertebrates and walk among butterflies at the Nature Exchange and F. Jean McLeod Butterfly Gallery.

Upstairs, the Northern Ecosystems exhibit takes you on a voyage through Northern Ontario’s natural landscapes, complete with animal ambassadors from each biome. Discover all of the cute critters that call this area home and learn how you can help at-risk species. 

Finally, ascend to the top floor to visit the Tech Lab. This is the place where you can likely have the most fun indoors in Northeastern Ontario. Jump on the gyroscope to flip your perspective of angular velocity, try your hand at building a race car, or learn about space exploration. 

The museum also features an IMAX with Laser theater, plus a digital planetarium where you can sit back and learn about everything from outer space to the deep blue seas.

Northern Ontario Railroad Museum

At this 1916 museum house, you will learn how trains were instrumental in opening the north to the mining and lumber trades. At Prescott Park, you can see a locomotive built in 1907, a train car that doubles up as a crane, and a caboose from 1897 which is made of wood. 

Spend Some Time Outdoors

No matter the season, there’s always an outdoor activity to enjoy in Sudbury. 

Lake Laurentian Conservation Area

Lake Laurentian Conservation Area is located only 10 minutes from downtown Sudbury. A 2,415-acre green space with a man-made lake, scenic lookouts, and self-guided nature trails, this is the break you will need after a busy morning at one of the museums. In the winter, the trails can be used for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, making for an ultimate Sudbury winter experience.

Hit Some Balls at Dinosaur Valley Mini Golf

With up to 63 holes to play on and dinosaurs watching over you, Dinosaur Valley Mini Golf is a fun way to spend the afternoon. After a game, you can take a walk through the Dragon exhibit or see the world’s largest steel skeleton dragon skull. Before you leave, you can make your way to the farm stall to buy fresh fruits and vegetables from the organic farm on which the golf course is located.

For those with a little bit more ‘drive’, Timberwolf Golf Club is sure to put a smile on your face. Designed by renowned golf course architect Thomas McBride, the course winds through the streams and wetlands of the Northern Ontario wilderness. At three times the size of the average course, playing here will be a round to remember.

Plan a Winter Date: Ski or Skate

Another place to visit is Kivi Park. Set on 450 acres (182 hectares) among lakes and hills, there’s loads to do here year-round. 

If you’re visiting Subury in the summer months and you prefer your trails to be well marked and maintained, Kivi is a great option for hiking. There’s a 3.1-mile (5-kilometer) trail that leads you from the park entrance to a lookout point and will take you past many fauna, flora, and geological sights that are typical to Greater Sudbury. Hiking boots are advised for this one, as there are a few steep inclines with loose rocks along the way. A camera is a good idea, too.

Winter is just as—if not more—fantastic in Kivi Park (if you can believe it). Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and fat biking are some of the more adventurous activities on offer. Pop over to Adventure365 to rent your gear and get exploring the park. And if you prefer something a little more relaxed, strap on some skates and explore the mile-long Nina’s Way Skating Path. The well-lit path creates a twisty avenue among pine trees to give you that winter feeling. 

Grab Dinner and Drinks

Whether you’re craving Italian or Mediterranean, you can find food that will satisfy any craving in Sudbury.

There are also plenty of craft breweries and distilleries to choose from. Looking for a good beer to enjoy with dinner? Stack Brewery is a great stop. For Northern Ontario’s best-stocked Whiskey Pub and some great pub food MIC-Made in Canada is the place you want to be. 

Get a Good Night’s Rest

After a busy day, a comfortable place to lay your head and relax is needed. Book a room at Legacy Suites located in downtown Sudbury or head 30 minutes out of town to experience the best of Sudbury hospitality at the the unique Hacienda Bed & Breakfast.

If you’ve got more time to spend, there’s plenty more to do in Northeastern Ontario. For more itinerary tips and picks, read our Northeastern Ontario Travel Guide.