2017 has been a monumental storytelling year for Passion Passport — and we couldn’t have done it without your support.

Back in January, we were only publishing a few stories a week. But that wasn’t the case for long.

By the end of this year, we will have published nearly 500 new stories. That’s absolutely incredible.

Photo by Florian Trojer

We journeyed to France, Morocco, Thailand, Italy, U.S. National Parks, Iceland, Hong Kong, and China, and deeper into Paris, Chiang Mai, Bali, Florence, Edinburgh, and London.

We learned photography basics, how to take the perfect flat-lay photo, and the elements of street photography. We got advice about drone photography, how to use geometry to enhance our travel photos, and how to master both indoor photography and macro photography. Then, Mary Quincy taught us how to edit our photos to perfection.

We got to know photographers like Sezgi Olgac, Dan Tom, Tiffany Nguyen, Andrew Kearns, Dirk Dallas, Edward Barnieh, Pat Kay, Camrin Dengel, and Sam Horine.

We traveled around the world with a piper, an artist, a wildlife photographer, Michelle Halpern, Passport Therapy, and Devon Costantine and Stephen Barna.

Photo by Lina
Photo by Deb Fong

We tried Indonesian street food, walked across America, spent a night in the Moroccan desert, chose ethical animal interactions, and experienced the world upside down.

We went on adventures along the Pamir Highway, down the Nile in Egypt, through the wonderlands of Wisconsin, across the Trans-Caucasus countries, and in metro systems around the world.  

We explored Hong Kong from above, immersed ourselves in the fantasy of Carnevale, worked for President Obama, and sought answers in Ghana.

Photo by Rale Pavicevic

We took architectural tours of Copenhagen, discovered Tunisia, followed a photographer around Helsinki, discovered the perfect Italian city, documented every single national park, and learned about educational systems in southern African countries.

We experienced the hospitality of Oman, the magic of Kenya’s giraffe manor, the sunshine of Montenegro, and 10 amazing villages in Japan.

We learned all about printmaking, how to travel the world with a 9 to 5 job, what it’s like to be a pilot, and, most importantly, that they are more than just parks.

We heard more about Zach Murphy’s Faces of Places project, Annapurna Mellor’s ROAM Magazine, Briana Moore’s Travels with Quigley, and Brent Foster’s Legacy Project video series. And Yulia Denisyuk told us about her time in Jordan, Bethlehem, Latvia, Estonia, and Chiang Mai.

Photo by Briana Moore

We spent 24 hours in Paris, Edinburgh, Chiang Mai, Florence, and Chicago. We found Instagram hot-spots in Western Europe, France, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

We witnessed everyday moments in Bologna and Paris, the beauty of Malta’s doorways, leaves changing colors around the world, and adventures in Vietnam.

We met the people of Burning Man, but only after we got photography advice from Alina Rudya.

We discovered the mystery of Venice; the temples, streets, and people of Japan; the legends of Wales; the colors of Iran; the monsters of Balinese New Year celebrations; the art of in-between travel moments; and the chaos of the Birqash Camel Market.

Photo by Duncan Wolfe

We traveled to Senegal with the first iteration of the Passport Project.

We published photo collections, travel videos, how-to guides, interviews, Instagram spotlights, entertainment recommendations, transformative stories, essays, around-the-world advice, and tons of travel inspiration.

Photo by the Pattiz Brothers

And we couldn’t have done any of it without the support of our contributors and the Passion Passport community. Thank you for joining us in 2017 — we hope you’ll continue to follow along as we unveil exciting adventures and projects in the new year.

—Britton Perelman (editorial manager) and the Passion Passport team