Are you looking for new Instagram accounts to follow this year to feed your wanderlust? If so, this is the list for you. 

There is so much talent on Instagram that choosing to highlight a handful (or two!) of users was a difficult task. Our team attempted to focus on both prominent photographers in the community, as well as some great up-and-comers. The result: a diverse list of people who use different methods to document their travels to various corners of the world. Feast your eyes on some intoxicating images from 18 of Instagram’s finest travel accounts: 




A Vancouver native relocated to London, Michelle knows how to get around — from Thailand to Italy, and more. Her perspective shots make you feel like you’re right there with her, taking every photo.




Born on a train, travel is in his blood. If you enjoy (moody) street photography — from candids of strangers to steam on cobblestone — then Steven delivers, and from all over Europe no less!




Jenna, based in Thailand, brings a knack for fun shapes and colors in architecture from her homeland of Thailand and from her travels alike. Her recent journeys have brought her through the U.S., including stops in NYC and DC.




Drew brings a rare peek into Pyongyang, North Korea, where he teaches university English and rhetoric. His lens shows the personal and empathetic side of the people’s everyday lives. He also takes regular trips around southeast Asia and to his native United States.



What Allan really brings to the table is his personality and creativity. You can feel a good-natured sense of humor behind his photos, be it through his captures of wacky designs, his occasional selfies, or his playful captions. Some of his recent journeys have taken him to Sweden, Portugal and Ireland.



If you like a clean look mixed with bold colors and beautiful light, then check out this feed. Carmen brings order to the urban chaos of Hong Kong and to all of her travels — most recently to India.




Alex brings a clean, clear style that lends itself to the vastness of his current home (Canada) and the world at large; his photos make the viewer experience the beauty and solitude of nature.




One to watch for the future. With a profile that reads “I’m ready for the world. Is the world ready for me?” you kind of have to admire Rose’s go-getter attitude. Rose has a designer’s eye and a spirit for adventure that puts the beauty of travel on full display.




Famous for capturing the urban bustle of Tokyo, Hiro can just as seemlesslytake you into the serenity of mountain scenery. His long exposures are also a must-see. In 2013, he traveled to India, Spain and Canada among many other locations.




Duncan is a Chicago-based photographer with a penchant for exploration. His style includes both natural scenes and whatever catches his eye while walking around on his travels.




Adrienne, a past finalist for The Bucket List Initiative, has the killer combination of diverse taste of subject matter mixed with a sensible aesthetic sensibility. In other words, her feed gets you excited for “what’s next?” while still maintaining a cohesive feel. Add in shots from around the globe, and you got yourself a feed worth following.



Nathan-Ashker-nashker-traveling-instagram-account-follow-travelWith fantastic photos and a unique journey ahead, this is one account you don’t want to miss. Nathan is currently volunteering in the Philippines and will be traveling through Asia and Europe in the coming months before returning to North America — all without taking a plane.




One of Instagram’s biggest names, Pei needs no introduction. Her feed transports you from travel hotspots like Iceland to less traveled places like Mozambique. From food to animals to portraits, each of Pei’s photos invites you in and tells a unique story.




Bolivia, Chile and Peru are just the most recent places you’ll find on Tomasz’s feed. This Vancouver-based wedding photographer has an eye for epic landscape shots and usually includes fun facts about each location to boot.




If you love to surf and experience the outdoors, Chris’ feed is just what the doctor ordered. Dive into the world of surfing through Chris’s eye for fun, fluid, and creative shots. Although his photos are not usually geotagged, Chris’ explorations take him to a plethora of domestic and international destinations.




Edward captures the lines, perspective and geometry of Hong Kong with a creative but subdued twist, be it through a blast of color, or a rainbow streak of light. He is also frequently on the go, heading to his native London or other international destinations. If those don’t already ensnare you, his interspersed food shots will!




One of the first things that pops out on Brian’s feed is the span of cities captured: Rome, Sydney, Bratislava… At each location he visits, Brian seems to take a step back for the best vantage point — treating architecture almost as landscape — in order to capture the character of each city.




Each of Finn’s photos demonstrate a beautiful understanding of light, texture, color, and composition. But it’s the pensive mood that may make you feel like you’re looking at a Rembrandt in a museum rather than an Instagram gallery.



cover photo by Pei Ketron
Follow Birds Flight. Photo Credit: Pei Ketron, Instagram, 2014










Special thanks to Elliot Vernon, PP Instagram coordinator, for his help in compiling this list.