An opportunity for you and a nominated guest to use your passports to better understand the world through travel.

Now more than ever, we at Passion Passport believe in the power of international travel to open eyes, shatter barriers, and build bridges. Leaving home to see the world can radically reshape our preconceptions about other people, places, and ways of life. Yet nearly two-thirds of Americans lack the resource they need to embrace those transformative experiences — an international passport.

The Passport Project will empower applicants to select a stigmatized destination of their choice and nominate a guest to accompany them — someone who doesn’t have a passport and has never left their home country. Then, on a trip designed in collaboration with the Passion Passport team, the two recipients will have the opportunity to experience a new place and culture, and come away with an understanding of the world we all share. We’ll follow their journeys from start to finish — from their expectations before departure to their on-the-ground experiences and their reflections upon returning home.

We believe the only way to truly understand a place is to experience it firsthand.

We all come from different places, different backgrounds, and different lives. It’s normal to be apprehensive about the world. The only way to illuminate those anxieties, fears, and worries is to seek the unknown.

Letter from Passion Passport’s founder

Building Bridges, Not Walls

Your answers should reflect you, both as a person and as a traveler.
Have a specific location and purpose for your experience, and show cohesion between them. You should be able to complete your trip idea in 10 to 14 days.
Show us the development that could result from this: how can you gain from the experience? How can you give back to the community you are visiting?
We highly suggest a “coffee shop test” of your answers with a trusted friend! Request that they read your answers and give you constructive feedback.