Traveling around the world can be one of the most rewarding things you do in your life, but traveling long term is a whole other experience!

Has the thought of traveling long term always lingered in the back of your mind? Do you wonder about the logistics of actually planning such a trip? 

This Thursday, August 24th at 2pm EST, join us, @roamaroo, @broganabroad and the Passion Passport community to chat about Long Term Travel! Make sure to tag us in your tweets with #PassionPassport.

If you are unavailable during the chat time but would still like to participate, feel free to schedule your tweets according to the times listed below:

Q1 – 2:00pm EST

Welcome to the chat! What is the longest trip you’ve been on? Share a picture!

Q2 – 2:05pm EST

If you could travel anywhere for a year, what would be your top three destinations?

Q3 – 2:15pm EST

For a long term trip, would you rather have it planned or be spontaneous?

Q4 – 2:25pm EST

What do you think is best for long term travel, booking one-way tickets or RTW?

Q5 – 2:30pm EST

How do you save up and budget for a big trip? Any apps or strategies you would recommend?

Q6 – 2:35pm EST

What’s your favorite memory from a long-term trip you have taken? Share a pic!

Q7 – 2:40pm EST

Any strategies for transitioning out of your current job/responsibilities while leaving it open to return to?

Q8 – 2:50 pm EST
Coming home after a long trip can be challenging, any tips for a seamless return?

Body image by Stefan Stefancik/ Header image by @rawpixel

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