Meeting beyond the screen

Residencies & Experiences

Journey Coast to Coast

Passport Express

This Passport Express was the train experience of a lifetime. The journey took members of the Passion Passport community across the country for a two-week immersive travel experience with Amtrak.

Trip Posts

Myanmar To Hong Kong

Passport To Asia

We partnered with Cathay Pacific Airways to send nine of our community members on a trip they’ll never forget. Departing from various cities, they gathered in Hong Kong for five days of mentorship and creative inspiration.

Trip Posts

Conservation Meets Art

Passport To Creativity

We partnered with Adobe to send six students and three mentors on a creative assignment in the spring of 2016. Using Adobe Creative Cloud, the students captured and interpreted three of the most important conservation efforts happening around the world.

Trip Posts

Our Yearly Travel Grant

The Bucket List Initiative

The Bucket List Initiative (or TBLI as we like to call it) is a travel grant given to one lucky member of our community every year. Pick a destination, tell us why and you might be packing your bags very soon.

Journey to Senegal

The Passport Project

In June 2017, we sent Matthew Greene and his foster-son, Mohammed Ndiaye, on a journey only they could take. Before the trip, Mohammed had never traveled outside of the United States.

The Latest

Silhouette Walking against Night Skyline of Hong Kong

#PPNight Instagram Challenge – 03/20/18 to 03/25/18

Join our #PPNight Instagram challenge! From city lights to the Aurora Borealis, this week's theme is for our travel night owls. Sometimes a destination's magic comes out only after the sun goes down.... Guidelines: Post or re-post photos/videos according to...

8 Amazing Spring Photography Spots Around the World

Spring comes just once a year, and always makes a memorable impression. For photographers, these fleeting months are filled with blooming landscape and unique, natural patterns. But with such a small window to capture...

How to Craft a Memorable Story

We’re all in the midst of a great story. There’s a continual narrative at work in each of our lives that’s being shaped and honed by our choices. Storytelling provides the lens through which we...

An Interview with Photographer Max Muench

Max Muench’s beautiful, yet moody, photography always evoked my purest sense of wanderlust. His photos seem to capture something hidden in the subject matter — whether that be an elusive feeling, a remote location,...

Videography Basics: Types of Shots

Wondering how your favorite filmmakers create movie magic? Have an idea for a video project, but not sure if your skills can do it justice? In this series, we’re introducing you to the basics...