Meeting beyond the screen

Residencies and Experiences

Journey Coast to Coast

Passport Express

This Passport Express was the train experience of a lifetime. The journey took members of the Passion Passport community across the country for a two-week immersive travel experience with Amtrak.

Trip Posts

Myanmar To Hong Kong

Passport To Asia

We partnered with Cathay Pacific Airways to send nine of our community members on a trip they’ll never forget. Departing from various cities, they gathered in Hong Kong for five days of mentorship and creative inspiration.

Trip Posts

Conservation Meets Art

Passport To Creativity

We partnered with Adobe to send six students and three mentors on a creative assignment in the spring of 2016. Using Adobe Creative Cloud, the students captured and interpreted three of the most important conservation efforts happening around the world.

Trip Posts

Our Yearly Travel Grant

The Bucket List Initiative

The Bucket List Initiative (or TBLI as we like to call it) is a travel grant given to one lucky member of our community every year. Pick a destination, tell us why and you might be packing your bags very soon.

Journey to Senegal

The Passport Project

In June 2017, we sent Matthew Greene and his foster-son, Mohammed Ndiaye, on a journey only they could take. Before the trip, Mohammed had never traveled outside of the United States.

The Latest

The Best Winter Getaways Around the World

Christmas is a time of tradition. It’s a time spent decorating the house with bright lights and vibrant poinsettias, placing candles in the windows, watching snow fall gently outside, breathing in the piney aroma...

Discovering the World One Page at a Time

For Oliver Skywolf, reading and travel have always been intertwined. Both transport you somewhere, allow you to escape your normal routine, and embark on an entirely new adventure. Both give you the opportunity to...

Souvenirs From Familiar Places

I have a collection of souvenirs that remind me of the far-off places I’ve seen and the life-changing moments I’ve experienced on the road. I have a tin of fish spices from Kaohsiung that...

Pat Kay: The Life of an Experience Chaser

It’s a bit ironic that, by day, Sydney-based Pat Kay is a user experience designer. For nearly 10 years now, his full-time job has been all about building online digital experiences, while his personal...

Around-the-World with Passport Therapy: An Interview about Long-term Travel

Tara and Michael of Passport Therapy quit their day jobs five months ago to follow their daydreams. United by a shared passion for travel that stems from very different beginnings, they decided to pack up...