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Instagram Spotlight: Pavel Chvets (@pash.c)

We feature some of the brightest Instagram storytellers in the Passion Passport community through our Instagram Spotlight series. This week, Pavel Chvets (@pash.c) tells us about his travels through Southeast Asia and the Middle...

Exploring the Landscapes of the World with George Turner

As he was growing up in Dorset, England, George Turner would watch the second hand of the clock at school tick, itching for the moment the bell would ring and he could go home...

A Pit Stop in Manchester Center

A dark green Subaru pulled into the dirt parking lot, so Brendan and I stood up from our spot by the treeline to start putting on our packs. I winced at the pain stabbing...

Green Spaces, Urban Places

When we say “urban center,” you may think “concrete jungle,” but that isn’t always the case. A number of cities across the globe are embracing the revitalizing effects of green spaces in their urban...

Meeting the Yellow-Eyed Penguin: An Encounter with the World’s Rarest Penguin

“Do the penguins know we’re here?” asks the little girl. “Yes, they do,” replies Dan, our tour guide and penguin expert. “But because we’re looking at them through such a small hole in the wall,...