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A sunrise in Cappadocia, in Missy Dunaway's travel sketchbook

Missy Dunaway and the Worldwide Travel Sketchbook

When artist Missy Dunaway accepted a Fulbright Research Fellowship to study Anatolian textiles in Istanbul in 2013, she didn’t know that her side project — a travel sketchbook — would soon become her most...

Photography Basics: Another 5 Creative Exercises

LESSON 15: Another 5 Creative Exercises Every now and then, we photographers get stuck in a rut and need a bit of a boost. A few months ago, I shared some exercises to help reinvigorate your...

Gina Wong’s 6 Favorite East London Coffee Shops

London has its fair share of specialty coffee shops, but it’s in East London that you’ll find the roasteries, cafés, and baristas that are really pushing the boat. Whilst there are countless coffee shops...

Guide to the Best of Porto

While Lisbon, Portugal’s capital, has been a popular vacation spot for some time, tourists have recently started venturing farther north to the country’s next hit destination: the city of Porto. Known for its world-famous...

Best Views in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has quickly become one of the world’s most attractive cities. And with its melting pot of cultures and its impressive display of art, cuisine, and architecture, it’s easy to see why. But...