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Photographing London’s Underground

London-based photographer Luke Agbaimoni has always been drawn to twilight and night photography, mostly because he enjoys the technical challenge of capturing low-light images. But as he grew busier and work stressors encroached on...

Hitchhiking in Enchanted Siquijor

“Lock the door at night so that the Diwata (bad spirit) cannot surprise us in the dark.” “Have fun trekking in the mountains, but take care of the trolls and fairies!” Yes, Filipinos have superstitions...

The Passport Project, Part Three: The Meaning of Family

To say Mohammed was nervous on our second morning in Dakar would be an understatement, but I struggled to come up with a better word: “antsy,” maybe, “worked up,” or, as the kids are...

Why I Love Florence

My personal connection with Florence started almost 20 years ago. On my way back home to Germany from a bus tour to Rome, our driver stopped in Florence for two hours, and the city...

More Than Just Parks: Zion

The Pattiz brothers like to describe Zion National Park as “the Yosemite of the desert.” The filmmakers of More Than Just Parks ventured to the park during the autumn months, the time of year...