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Rio Reimagined, Part Four: A City in Color

When I think about Rio de Janeiro, it’s always a challenge to choose one defining characteristic, for the “cidade maravilhosa” is built on many. Each person who visits, and strays from the traditional path...

Rio Reimagined, Part Three: The Art of Stumbling Upon

“You should go to Instituto Moreira Salles,” the message read. “Have you been before?” That’s the thing about taking advice from locals. You can rarely go wrong. I had a good feeling about Instituto Moreira...

Rio Reimagined, Part Two: Odyssey to Santa Teresa

I hadn’t come to Brazil to die. At least, not like this. However, as the locally labelled “motor taxi” continued to dance with death on the cobbled one-way streets leading up the terraneous hill...

Into Selvagem: Rio Reimagined, Part One

Bleary eyed, I stumbled out of the bedroom and into the courtyard, only to be met by an eruption of fervent laughter. I turned around, momentarily blinded by the sunlight, but managed to catch...

Three Days in Copenhagen

Before I had even stepped foot in Europe, I knew Copenhagen was the one city I needed to visit before my time abroad ended. My university’s exchange program in Barcelona has given me the...