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Passion Passport’s community includes explorers, creators and storytellers from around the globe. Their travel experiences have challenged them, shaped their perspective of the world and given them a better sense of who they are.

Both online and off, Passion Passport offers the opportunity to connect with one another, to share those pivotal moments, and to travel with purpose.


Our Story

In 2012, I sat in a plain grey cubicle on the 55th floor of a Hong Kong office building at sunset. I looked out at the smoggy Hong Kong harbour, knowing that the 80-hour work weeks were going to break me if something in my life didn’t change soon.

I felt stuck. At 25 years old, I wasn’t living the life I had hoped for.

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What We Value


Our Team


Zach Houghton



Michelle Starin

Marketing & Partnerships


Kyle Peters

Design & Web


Zach Fackrell



Elliot Vernon



Sam Digiovanni

Account Manager


Ruben Clavell



Emma Pulido



Britton Perelman



Rachel Heckerman


Zeb Goodman


Our Initiatives

Travel Stories

From personal narratives to visceral photo essays and video features, we inspire others by regularly sharing travel experiences on our site and on social media.

Twitter Chats and Instagram Challenges

Each week, we host a creative photo contest on Instagram and a topical chat on Twitter. The Passion Passport community engages with one another by reading stories, sharing their own perspectives, and asking questions.


Our immersive travel opportunities give our community members the chance to connect and travel together. These trips act as creative residencies where participants can learn firsthand about the destinations we explore and the transformative power of travel.

The Bucket List Initiative

TBLI is a quarterly travel grant awarded to a community member who brings life to our mission. Elected by the rest of the community, this individual makes their travel project and vision a reality — whether tracing family roots or capturing the essence of a little-known region. Each TBLI winner shares their story, moment-to-moment, with you.

Join the Team

We love travel but above all else we love new experiences, whether in our own backyard or across the globe. As a team, we know we’re only as good as the values we stand for and the work we do to further our mission. We’re looking for people who share our same passion for cultivating a community of travelers.

Current Openings

Want to Work With Us?

We offer the opportunity for brands and tourism boards to get involved in many of our Passion Passport initiatives. Sponsorships and branded content opportunities are just a few of the ways we can create integrate your brand.

We also develop larger social, content creation and experiential packages through our in-house creative agency, Passport Studio.

Get in touch to let’s talk about how we can work together!

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