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Bali Andra Vomir & Richard Gill: Lessons Learned On The Road - The national lottery draw was taking place the same evening that we celebrated our engagement with our family. The winning prize was a heaping $50 million dollars and our guests took out their wallets and purchased a handful of tickets, agreeing to split the rewards if they happened to win. ...
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brazil-world-cup-mason-corroto An Unlikely World Cup - Jason Corroto and Kim Oxenham were two of the thousands of soccer fans lucky enough to secure tickets to this year’s World Cup. Although their home team of Australia qualified for the tournament, they decided to follow Cameroon’s journey instead, traveling across Brazil – from the back alleys of favelas to the ...
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jason-corroto-chile Solo Wanderings in Chile - Last month, I spent 3 weeks in Chile. It was non-stop action: buses, flights, treks, mountains, beaches, desert. I decided to visit the South American country while I was en route to Brazil for the World Cup. Though I was meeting a few mates for the tournament, I wanted to ...

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