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Lauren Polivka: Live With Passion -

Lauren PolivkaI have always been passionate about health and wellness. As a young girl, I was a self-declared health-nut and dreamed of working in sports medicine. I went to college in Florida – 1000 miles away from home – to study Exercise Science, then later earned Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Northwestern University.…

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Smiles and Surprises: Sierra Leone -

Freelance videographer Zach Fackrell spent one month in the West African nation of Sierra Leone. Here, he shares highs and lows – and telling images – of his time there.

Why did you decide to travel to Sierra Leone?

I was asked to join the humanitarian organization, FAS Movement, as the videographer for their trip.…

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Kat & Mike at the Taj Mahal, India Kat and Mike’s Journey to Unearth the World: Part II -

Kat & Mike at the Taj Mahal, IndiaChoosing to take a year-long career break with my husband, Mike, was one of the best things I have ever done.  When I reflect back on our decision-making process – on the conversations we had with friends and family; on the moments of anxiety and worry and concern – I can’t believe that I almost did not take that leap of faith.  There were highs – and there were definitely lows – but the 250-day trip affected me in ways that I never imagined, and caused me to forever change the direction of my life.…


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