boats in rotterdam canal

A Women’s Travel Guide to Rotterdam

Amsterdam may be the Netherlands’ most popular destination, but the country’s equally charming “second city,” Rotterdam, exudes a distinct character that’s entirely its own. The majority of Rotterdam was bombed during World War II;...
several women doing yoga pose by body of water

The Story Behind a Popular Tattoo for Traveling Yogis

Yoga has been bastardized around the world by modern interpretations of the sacred practice — and it’s not just the fault of travelers. From yoga with beer or goats to foreigners profiting off of...
woman in yellow dress sitting against wall art

Uganda Through the Lens of an African Fashion Guru

Toddre’ Monier is an international human rights lawyer turned traveler and producer of 'Off the Beaten Path', a web series of her project “Beauty is Universal” and which currently sees her traversing the East...
woman smiling

Deconstructing Myths about Solo Travel for Women and More

Not all women are the same, and no female traveler is identical with any other. But that hasn’t stopped the world from coming up with a convenient set of assumed behaviors and stereotypes about...
woman traveler waving at airplane

How Women’s Travel Groups Evolve: Girl Gone International

In 2010, Anne Scott was feeling isolated and overwhelmed after moving to her 10th city in as many years. While her excitement for discovering new places persisted, having to develop new friendships and start...


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