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In Elephant’s Footsteps at Nepal’s Chitwan Tiger Sanctuary

Into the Mist I walk side-by-side with Danny through the fields of shoulder-high grass, wisped with fog. “There they are!” Danny exclaims. Emerging through the mist, three elephants trod down the hill, their heavy hooves...
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How Greener Travel is Cheaper Travel

While Passion Passport seeks to bridge communities and expand experience through travel, we’re aware that adventuring to far-off places can leave quite the carbon footprint. Our Sustainable Travel Series celebrates eco-travelers, low-impact ways of...
aerial view of boat leaving a sea cove

How to Make Your Dollars Go Farther for a Sustainable Lifestyle

There are any number of reasons that people can come up with not to act and spend on a sustainable lifestyle. Separating recyclables from the rest of the trash can be a hassle —...
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Inspirational Travel vs. Sustainable Travel

From The Expediency of Culture by George Yúdice: “Alongside technological innovation there has mushroomed an extraordinary urban activity… fortifying the social fabric of bars, restaurants, chance encounters on the streets, etc. that give life...
a lone tree in the savannah at dusk

Decolonizing Travel: Going Ethically to Under-Resourced Countries

Traveling is more at our reach than ever, and while we can all agree on the positive aspects of that, it also makes it necessary to place real thought onto our privileges and duties...
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From Hostel-Hopping to Camping in a Thai National Park

If you had told me I would spend my time in Thailand lying under the stars inside a Thai national park, I would have laughed. I imagined a routine full of bustling city life,...
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Ethical Eco-Tourism: Best Wildlife Sanctuaries in the U.S.

Visiting America’s Best Wildlife Sanctuaries  While nature and wildlife have always served as motivators for travel, one recent troubling trend in the social media age is the exploitation of animals within the tourism industry. Many...
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Greenest City in the World: Ljubljana, Slovenia

The current pandemic has given us the opportunity to take account of how our typical international mobility impacts all of us. Perhaps this time is an opportunity to rethink the very way we travel....
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Stay Home and Save the Natural World

I was on a run recently in the park near my apartment, one that has a nice circular course full of parents pushing strollers, panting dogs, and people like me, who sometimes resemble the...


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