church on an island

Greenest City in the World: Ljubljana, Slovenia

The current pandemic has given us the opportunity to take account of how our typical international mobility impacts all of us. Perhaps this time is an opportunity to rethink the very way we travel....
two hikers overlook mountains

Stay Home and Save the Natural World

I was on a run recently in the park near my apartment, one that has a nice circular course full of parents pushing strollers, panting dogs, and people like me, who sometimes resemble the...
grassy island coast

Earth Day in Quarantine: Turning Off Cruise Control

What is traveling? Firstly, I’ll answer this in terms of what it’s not. It’s not just taking photos and ‘finding yourself’ through amazing and unique experiences. Changing your environment can indeed attain a shift in...
beach at sunset

Gardening in Quarantine: An Escape and a Future

I’m sitting at a camping desk I’ve erected in my bedroom, tapping away at my laptop in an attempt to occupy myself as COVID-19 wreaks havoc across the world. Only seven days ago I...
bird flying over city

Air Travel After Coronavirus: Dollars and Diagnostics

While we all know that we should stay at home and be prepared to shelter in place for the immediate foreseeable future, we also know that the world will reopen for business (and pleasure)...
buildings of porto portgual riverfront

Long Term House Sitting: A Home Away from Home

I rang in my 30th birthday lounging by an outdoor pool in the Portuguese countryside, overlooking a flock of flamingoes. They bathed in their pond-like enclosure while I sipped on a bubbling mimosa and...
school children and dog in front of white building

An Afternoon Alone in Villa de Leyva, Colombia

Many moons ago I traveled for a year alone, with a backpack, and on the cheap through Asia and Latin America, staying at hostels for less than $15 a night. None of my friends...
woman traveling alone on a train

CDC, TSA, Airline Updates: COVID Travel Community Resources

As those of us in the United States face at least another 30 days of government-recommended social distancing, uncertainty continues to surround the travel community. A torrent of information is circling regarding plans, policies,...
woman holding recycled plastic water bottle

Must-Pack Recycled Plastic Products for Your Next Trip

The production of plastic is putting our health at risk all around the world, and at every step in the process from extraction to refining, use and disposal. There isn’t anywhere plastic can’t be...


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