woman in red dress on dock

The Future of Women’s Travel: Solo Travel Apps

Traveling alone as a woman is an empowering experience, as lonely and daunting as it can seem sometimes. So why are an increasing number of women traveling solo? Responding to the Travel Society on...
sunset over rural road

Living a “Year of Quiet,” Before the Pandemic

The year of quiet.  That’s how I would refer to it, in everything that followed, those 10 months spent living and teaching in a deeply rural part of southern Japan. I knew when I left...
lone woman in sunny egyptian temple

Egypt Travel Tips for Solo Women Travelers

I consider myself someone with little fear when it comes to traveling to foreign places, however, in the days leading up to my scheduled arrival in Cairo, I was feeling apprehensive.   Suddenly, everything I’d read...
women in ethiopian food market

Mindful Wandering, Part II: Ethiopian Food for Thought

Mariam has already set to work making fresh bread. She pours batter onto a large, round stone pan over the fire and places a cone shaped lid on top. No need for an oven....
solo traveler hitchhiking in trunk of car

The Solo Female Traveler’s Guide to Hitchhiking

It’s usually those people who have never tried hitchhiking who will try telling you that you shouldn't. While simply being a woman in this world calls for extra precautions, that doesn’t mean you should...
orange-robed worshipper amongst others in white robes

Mindful Wandering, Part I: The Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

The sun scorches my shoulders as I sit perched atop a cliff, overlooking the rocky layers of earth below. At such great heights, there is no amount of sunscreen that can protect my freckled...
traditional indian boat crossing lake

Awakening in Lake Pichola, Udaipur

The taxi from Maharana Pratap Airport took us to the edge of Lake Pichola, where complete silence greeted us after the colorful and chaotic streets of Udaipur. I felt compelled to be at peace...
aerial view of boat leaving a sea cove

How to Make Your Dollars Go Farther for a Sustainable Lifestyle

There are any number of reasons that people can come up with not to act and spend on a sustainable lifestyle. Separating recyclables from the rest of the trash can be a hassle —...
street busy with children playing

Inspirational Travel vs. Sustainable Travel

From The Expediency of Culture by George Yúdice: “Alongside technological innovation there has mushroomed an extraordinary urban activity… fortifying the social fabric of bars, restaurants, chance encounters on the streets, etc. that give life...


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