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Nomadic horsemen in Central Asia pose in front of livestock and mountains.

Central Asia: “Stans,” Silk Roads, & Soviet Ghosts

Central Asia used to be the center of the world. The Silk Road — arguably the most important trade route in history — ran through the region and set the stage for the Islamic...

Best American Cities for Craft Beer Lovers

It’s a great time to be a beer lover — especially if you’re living in or plan on visiting the U.S. any time soon. Stretched across the land of the free, more and more...

A Love Letter to Ladakh, India

Far from the heat, noise, and chaos, atop India’s snow-capped mountains, I found peace. Before I even set foot in Ladakh, also known as Little Tibet, its very mention made me daydream. When I...

How Do You Know if Your Voluntourism Trip Is A Scam?

Voluntourism has grown more popular in recent years. It makes sense: with the news cycle covering a world that seems riddled with bad news, enacting positive change has become more important than ever —...

10 of the Best Places to Sleep Under the Stars

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that there are few things more humbling or awe-inspiring than gazing up into the vastness of a glittering night sky. Stepping outdoors to sleep beneath...