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A Love Letter to Iceland, in Pictures

At times like this, my fortune to have seen just short of 40 countries in my time as a photographer on cruise ships leaves me with a lot of choice when it comes to...

How to Donate to a Travel Fundraiser: Local Organizations Abroad That Need Help

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent collapse of international tourism may have undermined the financial and functional stability of our “dream destinations,” but the reality is many of these communities already faced tremendous challenges on...

A Tour of Chicago’s North Side with Tom Simmermaker

In the summer of 2014, Tom Simmermaker took the Amtrak to Chicago from his hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas. He and his friend Paul traveled to the city for 10 days of intensive study...
sun setting over rock

The Lost Fisherman of Ha Long Bay

The legend of Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
.  The battle had been going on for weeks. From the sea, the invaders' ships kept rolling in, filled with fearsome bloodthirsty soldiers who slaughtered everyone in their path....

Las Mariposas: Magic Monarch Butterfly Photos Document Migration

On February 17th, 2020, I embarked on a journey to Michoacán, Mexico with Studio Elsewhere to document the migration of the monarch butterfly in photos. For the next week, our team would wake up...