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sustainable travel tips matt lamers

How to Travel Sustainably on Your Next Adventure

When you think of eco-friendly traveling, the first thing that might come to mind is camping or riding a bike as you travel across the country. However, it is much broader than that. While...
unesco world heritage sites in france david kohler

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in France: A Walk through the Past

France has already been rated the number-one tourist destination in the world by the UN World Tourism Association in 2018. While Paris certainly pulls in the crowds, the UNESCO sites have also brought in...
traveling to egypt nassim whba

An Egypt for Every Type of Traveler

Egypt’s prime location straddling Africa, the Sinai Peninsula, and the Arabian Peninsula makes it a favorite spot of travelers coming from around the world. From the stunning beaches along the Mediterranean and the Red...
overtourism rumman amin

Why Overtourism Is Every Traveler’s Problem

Can you imagine a world without giraffes on the African savannah? How about the beaches at Maya Bay completely closed off to visitors because there are just too many of them? You might be...
south america road trip chinh le duc

How to Pack for a South American Road Trip

There is nothing more exciting than knowing that you are heading on an adventure --this is definitely true if you are planning on heading to South America. With so much to see and so many...