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A waterfront skyline in China, an extremely popular TEFL destination.

How to Teach English as a Foreign Language in China

English-language learning has been deeply rooted in Chinese curricula since the early ’80s. However, even more importance is being placed on learning the language today, and all children are required by law to start...

8 Countries to Visit If You Love the Winter

One way to describe winter is “long and bleak.” But we prefer to see it differently. Because, these chilly months offer a chance for new experiences, ones unique to the locations that endure endless...

6 Ways Technology Is Changing the Way We Travel

In recent years, technology has irreversibly shaped the way we trot the globe. First it was GPS systems in our rental cars. Next came Kindles — which saved us from squeezing a million books...

Everything You Wanted to Know About Visiting Berlin

Germany’s capital is as culturally rich as they come. It’s a place full of history, both good and bad, and as intriguing as its past is, present-day Berlin offers everything you could want in...

10 of the Friendliest Countries for Solo Travelers

Traveling alone can be one of the most rewarding personal journeys you can embark upon. From organizing logistics to navigating foreign cities, befriending strangers, and learning a new language, solo travel is full of...