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The Northern Lights in Norway, which always ranks high on the World Happiness Report.

What Happiness Means in Countries Around the World

Happiness around the world has probably taken a substantial hit recently. In light of the fact that the U.N. commemorates the International Day of Happiness on March 20th every year by publishing the World Happiness...
Rapids through a rainforest

Guyana: A Destination for Ecotourism

Nestled between Suriname, Brazil, and Venezuela, Guyana isn’t often at the forefront of the conversation when it comes to South American destinations. In fact, it’s often mistaken for Ghana, the West African nation on...

Everything You Need to Know about Thailand’s Floating Lantern Festival

It’s quiet. Still. Thousands of people stand, a tense, palpable energy in the air. But it’s only a quick moment of serenity, a calm before the storm. This is Yi Peng, Thailand’s annual floating...
tours for women

Traveling Solo Together: Why More Women Are Choosing to Take Tours

Are you without a travel partner, but not yet ready to go on a solo adventure abroad? Rest assured that there are many methods for women to find a travel community while on the...
leaves in ireland whitney brown

The Truth About the Trees in Ireland

Tens of thousands of feet above the ground, I peered out the airplane window, feeling equal parts nervous and excited. I was moments away from reaching my home for the summer — Ireland, the Emerald...