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A Dog-Friendly Guide to Austin

Welcome back to the Travels with Quigley series, featuring travel tips from my adventures with a jet-setting rescue terrier. This is our fifth edition in a series of dog-friendly guides to cities around the...
A train crosses the Glenfinnan Viaduct in Scotland.

How to Photograph the Glenfinnan Viaduct

The Glenfinnan Viaduct is the ultimate pit stop for photographers on a Scottish road trip. In part, the popularity of this railway viaduct in the West Highlands can be credited to a certain wizarding...
Woman looking out over Maya Bay.

Conserving Paradise in Maya Bay: An In-Depth Look at How Our Actions Shape Our...

The sand was like powdered sugar beneath my feet and the water was a gorgeous, crystal-clear turquoise. Limestone karsts shielded the bay dramatically on both sides, creating a basin dotted with Thai long-boats and...

What It Means to Be a Creative in Today’s World

Not too long ago, I was scrolling through Instagram when I saw an ad promoting a “Creatives Weekend.” I’m sure I’m not the not only who’s come across posts like this, and at the...

How Solo Travel is Different for Women

I had just arrived in Amsterdam — unofficially known as one of the safest cities in Europe — and immediately boarded the wrong tram. The sun had already set, and I found myself lost...