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house exterior with tall palm trees

Mexico in Seven Photo Essays: Becoming and Transforming with Carly Diaz

Becoming Mexican is a personal photography project created by Carly Diaz, a Portland-based photographer and creative director, that aims to explore Mexican heritage and cultural identity. By seeking out people, food, products, places, and...
train turning a bend in snowy landscape

Alaska by Train: The White Pass and Yukon Route

Alaska is a place synonymous with stunning natural beauty. I’ll never forget the surreal feeling of calm and tranquillity seeing Tracy Arm Fjord growing into my field of view. Standing out on the promenade...
sign reading time is precious on building

A Travel Planning Checklist for Going Away

At this stage, we can only speculate about how travel may look after the novel Coronavirus recedes. But we will be traveling again, and some things about it will never changed — in fact,...
woman traveler waving at airplane

How Women’s Travel Groups Evolve: Girl Gone International

In 2010, Anne Scott was feeling isolated and overwhelmed after moving to her 10th city in as many years. While her excitement for discovering new places persisted, having to develop new friendships and start...
church on an island

Greenest City in the World: Ljubljana, Slovenia

The current pandemic has given us the opportunity to take account of how our typical international mobility impacts all of us. Perhaps this time is an opportunity to rethink the very way we travel....