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Half Dome at Midnight: Hiking in Yosemite

After spending my summer in Chicago, I came back home to California feeling a void from not having spent any time in the mountains. Luckily, a friend of mine happened to win the Yosemite...
Yosemite photo for Passion Passport Twitter Chat

#PassionPassport Twitter Chat: Yosemite

With fifty nine National Parks in these United States, Yosemite is arguably one of the most talked about - and for good reason. Some of the worlds best photographers visit frequently to capture the...

#PassionPassport Twitter Chat 4/2 (with NEMO Equipment + Julian Bialowas + Colin Delehanty)

Wednesday, April 2nd 2:00 PM EST – Passion Passport OUTDOOR EXPLORATION Twitter Chat This Wednesday, we’ll be co-hosting our #passionpassport Twitter chat with outdoor explorers Julian Bialowas and Colin Delehanty, sponsored by NEMO Equipment! We’ll...


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