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Hippo Emerging from Water in Botswana

#PPAfloat Instagram Challenge – 03/04/19 to 03/10/19

From boats to hippos to humans, this week's Instagram challenge is about anything that can be #PPAfloat! Water is central to travel, community, and life. Ancient civilizations were centered around bodies of water, and now this...
Kayak with Paddle in Reinefjord, Lofoten Islands, Norway

#PPOceansDay Instagram Challenge – 06/07/16

It's World Oceans Day on Wednesday, June 8th, so we're celebrating with a #PPOceansDay Instagram challenge with guest judges @lonelywhale and @tfbergen challenge this week! Over 70 percent of the earth's surface is made up of water,...

#PassionPassport Twitter Chat: By the Water

Nearly three quarters of the Earth is covered in water, so the chances that you've been to at least one place with a shoreline are pretty good. But what kind? Rivers, lakes, oceans —...

PP Instagram Challenge (3/31/14): #ppumbrella

Our Instagram challenge for the week of March 31st is #ppumbrella! Follow instructions 1-6 below to enter. We're just entering the month of April and in North America and that means... a lot of rain. Celebrate...


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