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The Volcano Bucketlist

I’m a self-proclaimed volcano junkie, so it was no surprise when I booked a last minute trip to Guatemala after seeing a photo of the incredible Fuego volcano (3,763m). Guatemala’s impressive landscape is dominated...

The Magic of Waking Up Early

I’m not sure if my tendency to wake up early is a case of nature or nurture. My mom never permitted the sort of sleeping-in-til-noon behavior that seemed to be standard among my teenage...
Balloons over Cappadocia Turkey

PP Instagram Challenge (8/3/15): #PPSunrise

This week we're joined by natural early-riser @cestchristine and natural-light lover @kylehouck for our Instagram challenge #PPSunrise! We want you to make the most of and appreciate (what remains of) that extended summer light. Whether you're...


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