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Simeulue, Indonesia

It was when I was 15 feet above a river inlet, balancing nervously on a primitive foot bridge consisting of 3 thick bamboo poles loosely tied together, that I knew this was the Indonesia...

Travel Video: Bali

Filmmaker Yury Sharov traveled to Bali expecting to enjoy sun, sea and surf. Instead, the island's rich cultural heritage drew him in. We talked to him about his experience in this popular location and...

#AsiatoAmerica: Nusa Penida, Indonesia

Nathan Ashker traveled from Asia to America - without ever taking a plane! Although he has just recently returned back to the US, he chronicled his journey on Instagram using the hashtag #AsiatoAmerica and you...

Bali: The Island of the Gods

Richard Gill planned to spend two weeks in Bali, but the stunning landscapes, rich history, and heart-warming culture drew him in for longer.  It's really no wonder that this destination is becoming evermore popular among travelers!...


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