Golden Hours at Timmins Museum: National Exhibition Centre

The rich heritage of Northeastern Ontario consists of its indigenous population and its gold mining history. Known as the City with a Heart of Gold, Timmins is located in one of the most affluent mineral-producing areas in the western hemisphere—and has received worldwide recognition as a major player in global mining. For those interested to […]

Terrible Things in Beautiful Places: A Study Abroad Story

When I visit places with dark histories, I’m always surprised by how beautiful they are — I expect their past to leave a visible stain on the space, but even people who do terrible things want to do them in beautiful places. The slave castle at Elmina is massive, and so white it’s almost blinding […]

A Filipina in Spain

“What do you want to become?” My mother asked me this when I was seven years old.  It’s a question I think everyone has been asked at least once. I have thought about becoming a painter, a marine biologist, and even a professional circus performer. And well … instead I was told I should be […]

Returning to my Roots in Cuba

On August 1st, 1962… Jose Isidoro and Miriam Urbay escaped Cuba on a chalana (flatboat). They sailed for four days until the Coast Guard rescued them and brought them to Florida. At that time, Miriam was 17 years old and four months pregnant. They both left everything behind to seek a life with opportunities in […]