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The Curative Power of the Sea

My grandmother’s cancer came back when I was living in Australia. I can’t remember exactly when we knew—there was some chest pain, some circulation issues—but my mom assured me there was no reason to...

Photo Essay: A Journey Across South America

Through stunning imagery, Anna Borisenko takes us on a journey through South America -  from Colombia in the north to Argentina in the south; from Chile in the west to Brazil in the east. Last...

Journey to Colombia

Every year, I seem to crave a travel adventure or two, and recently, my wanderlust took me to Colombia. I didn’t know much about the country before I left (only that it's infamous for...

A Journey to the Top of South America

Beth Meyer was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. She spent seven years working in event marketing in California before quitting her job in 2012 and setting off for a year around the world...


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