Eight Must-See Villages in Yunnan Province, China

Yunnan province in southwest China is a cultural corridor unique to the country: half of China’s ethnic minorities call the province home. Yunnan is also a reservoir of biodiversity, with landscapes ranging from high-mountains in the north to remnants of rain forest in the south. An increasing number of tourists have begun frequenting the area […]

Travel Video: China

Brian Benton spent four weeks in China visiting his sister, a Peace Corps volunteer in China. We caught up with him to hear about his trip to the lesser-traveled city of Dengguan in the Sichuan region. He talked to us about his experience and the making of this video. What was the intent of your trip […]

Like A Bird: Hiking Tianmen Mountain

Even with my eyes closed, I could feel it. An emptiness of everything and a simultaneous filling of nothing. Walking as far to the edge as possible, I opened my arms to embrace the contradictions. The breeze kissed my cheeks and lifted my hair. The great Tianmen Mountain was behind me as I followed a […]

Instagram Spotlight: Lucero Viktoria García (@LuceroViktoria)

We’re featuring some of the brightest Instagram storytellers in the Passion Passport community with our Instagram Spotlight series. Hi! I’m Lucero – a Peruvian Swede, a food and film fiend, and a writer in half of the five languages that I speak (it’s complicated). I’m universally out of place, but fortunate to be able to travel and […]

PP Instagram Challenge Potential Winner and Honorable Mentions: #MyChinaExperience

  Over the past two weeks, we asked you to share how you’re inspired by one of the world’s most ancient, most modern, and most diverse civilizations for our #MyChinaExperience Instagram challenge in with Cathay Pacific (IG: @cathaypacific). We want to thank our community member guest judges @anniefitzsimmons, @pketron and @twheat who helped us sift through over […]

Professional Wanderings: Travels Through East Asia

Photographer Matt Dutile has been fortunate to capture images of people and places in most corners of the world. His philosophy when it comes to travel: engage with locals, try traditional foods, and wander off the beaten path – literally. In this photo essay, he shares highlights from his time in East and Southeast Asia, […]