#PPFoliage Instagram Challenge – 09/27/16

Featured photo by: @thelawry, Kimberley, South Africa Last week was the first day of fall, and we want you to take us on an autumnal adventure for this week’s#PPFoliage Instagram challenge! Whether that means the coming or going of green; any flora, plants, or shrubbery are fair game. We’re joined by guest judges @brandonexplores and @hannahjesus! Head to their feeds for inspiration, […]

#PPFoodLove Instagram Challenge – 09/13/16

Baskets of Vegetable Produce on Cobblestone in Avignon, France

Featured photo by: @jo_rodgers, Avignon, France Nothing pulls you into a new country or culture quite like the aroma of an unfamiliar dish and the sensation of trying it for the first time. From coffee/tea shops to local delicacies to street-market vendors; food is often the fastest (and most delicious) way to immerse oneself into a new place. Take us on a culinary adventure […]

#PPWheelsOnTheRoad Instagram Challenge – 09/06/16

Volkswagon Bus in Arches National Park, Utah, USA

Featured image by: @idletheorybus, Arches National Park, USA From Travel Story feature “Orange is Optimism” Pack your bags and join us for this week’s #PPWheelsOnTheRoad Instagram challenge! We want to sit passenger seat on your last road trip (those in the States should consider any Labor Day Weekend adventures), bus commute, or carriage ride. As a community of explorers, we know […]

#PPLeadingLines2 Instagram Challenge – 08/29/16

Featured image by: @buddy_bradley Reichstag, Berlin, Germany Join us for this week’s #PPLeadingLines2 Instagram challenge! We challenge you to take us and the rest of the Passion Passport community on a visual journey. Using this week’s theme, experiment with framing to create leading lines that capture your viewer’s gaze and guides the eye towards your desired focal point. […]

#PPOpenSpaces Instagram Challenge – 08/22/16

Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA

Featured image by: @jnasa Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA Join us for this week’s #PPOpenSpaces Instagram challenge! Set off on a journey to discover the open spaces that surround you: do you escape the bustling city for the outskirts of town, or are you someone who seeks the green oasis in the middle of the city. Take us […]

#PPColorHunt Instagram Challenge – 08/15/16

Volcano in Antigua, Guatemala

Featured image by: @karimiliya Antigua, Guatemala Join us for this week’s #PPColorHunt Instagram challenge! We want you to search high and low for the craziest, most outrageous moments and scenes of color you’ve come across on your adventures and travels. From monochrome hues to rainbow spectrums, wow us with your world palette. From crowded street markets to […]

#PPWindow Instagram Challenge – 08/08/16

Multi-Colored Windows in Singapore

Featured image by: @chrisnumber8 Singapore   Join us for this week’s #PPWindow Instagram challenge! They’re something we see everyday — full of personality and stories — that go taken for granted…and we want to change that. Open or closed? Utilitarian or Ostentatious? Accompanied by a bench or bars? Windows come in all shapes and sizes as well […]

#PPOneWorld Instagram Challenge – 08/01/16

Overhead View of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Featured image by: @lee.vs.world Rio de Janeiro, Brazil This week, nations from across the globe will gather in Rio for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. We’re celebrating this once-every-four-year event with #PPOneWorld Instagram challenge! It’s important now more than ever to come together as citizens of the world and rejoice in our shared commonalities as well as our differences. […]

#PPUpAndAbove Instagram Challenge – 07/26/16

Spiral Staircase in Rome, Italy

There is something to be said about the ability to admire something, from a different perspective, whether it’s from afar, or simply observing from a different angle. The simple act of looking up can often reveal something completely unexpected and seemingly unnoticed, turning that moment into a lasting impression engraved in our memories for a […]