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Hiking to the Top of Sacred Mount Zwegabin

It was 3:30 in the afternoon. The sun was beginning to arch toward the west side, but the day’s heat still lingered in the air. My shirt was drenched. Sweat oozed out of every...
Young Indian-girl in traditional attire, smiling

#PPLovedPlaces Instagram Challenge – 04/12/16

There is nothing quite like that feeling of falling in love with a new city or country for the first time. We all have those moments where we think back to a place we've visited...
Yosemite National Park

#PPInMotion Instagram Challenge – 04/05/16

There is no doubt that Instagram has created a spotlight for various styles of photos. One of our favorite staples of the IG is the #StrideBy! For this week's Instagram challenge we're we want...

#PPDoubleDare Instagram Challenge – 03/29/16

We all have those moments we think back on in disbelief, and laugh - surprised at the fact that we actually did that! For this week's Instagram challenge we #PPDoubleDare you to share those crazy moments with us. Travel...

#PassionPassport Adventure Travel Twitter Chat – Part 1: Warm Weather

Every adventure is a trip, but not every trip is an adventure. All travel is not created equal, and while the team here at Passion Passport loves a trip to the museum and a...


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