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person looking out window of plane

Book Review: Olga Tokarczuk, “Flights”

The best place to start talking about a book as slippery and transient as Olga Tokarczuk's Flights is with the title itself, especially since it’s in translation from the author's native Polish. I’ll try...
Two backpacking women rest in Salerno.

A Guide to Backpacker-Friendly Urban Centers around the World

Quite literally one of the most inexpensive forms of travel, urban backpacking offers vagabond adventurers challenges and opportunities they wouldn’t find on a more traditional journey. It involves meticulous planning, extended budget travel, and...
Water shines purple underneath a bridge and building

All Roads Lead to Russia: Anticipating the Upcoming World Cup

This month, the 21st FIFA World Cup will kick-off in the Russian capital of Moscow. It is sport’s largest competition, in the world’s largest country. The enormity of both is mystifying. Every four years,...

Raw on the Road

Anna and her boyfriend, Vitaliy, ditched their belongings, left their home in New York City, and began an adventure inspired by their love of travel: a year on the road traversing the United States....

The India She Expected

India was exactly how Anna Borisenko expected it would be. Anna had heard stories from her friends, seen all the movies, and read all the books. She knew it would be loud, the streets would...


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