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A Visit to Slovenia’s Skocjan Cave

Cool, damp air greeted us as we entered the narrow, low-ceilinged passageway. The significant drop in temperature was a welcome relief from the hot Slovenian summer sun. As our eyes adjusted to the dim...

Chasing the Light in Slovenia

Originally from a small German city called Münsterm, Merlin is a Scotland based adventurer with a passion to create compelling images around traveling, nature and cityscapes. His nomadic lifestyle led him to explore various...
villages in france

France’s Rural Towns You Have to Visit

Even if you haven’t had the pleasure of traveling to France, chances are you can still imagine the glittering lights of Paris, the enchanting Mont-Saint Michel, or the aqua-beauty of the French Riviera. The...
The Nile River

Why a Nile River Cruise is the Best Way to See Egypt

Without a meandering cruise down the fabled Nile River — with its arid banks and temple-strewn shores — a trip to Egypt simply wouldn't be complete. From Cairo in the north to Aswan in...
leaves in ireland whitney brown

The Truth About the Trees in Ireland

Tens of thousands of feet above the ground, I peered out the airplane window, feeling equal parts nervous and excited. I was moments away from reaching my home for the summer — Ireland, the Emerald...
Dilara and Justine in Barcelona

Blessings in Barcelona: What Our Disabilities Teach Us About Travel

When Justine and I first met in 2013, we didn’t even realize that we were both living without a sense each: Justine is legally blind and I am profoundly deaf. Every year or so...
Vibrant field of orange poppies

The Instagram Obsession That’s Killing Flower Fields

As we sit and scroll through our newsfeeds, we're sure to see them: the picture perfect ‘grams. Our screens are constantly inundated with impeccable shots of beautiful people posing in luscious fields, before magnificent...
people at work in a stained glass workshop in poland

A Creative’s Guide to Poland

If you arrive in Poland via a flight to the capital city of Warsaw, take note of the airport’s name: Frederic Chopin International. Although it is normal for a country’s major airport to be...

11 Ways to Explore Toronto Without Breaking the Bank

Toronto is a notoriously expensive metropolis. While there’s a lot to see and do, most of it unfortunately comes with a large price tag. That said, its steeper offerings shouldn’t deter you from visiting...


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